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  1. Narri


    One thing a lot of new members to the fandom seem to struggle with is getting a reference of their character. They may not be comfortable drawing up a reference of their own or just really don’t know where to start so I wanted to put this thread here to possibly help those people out. Look...
  2. Narri

    Here's the real question. Paws or Maws?

  3. Narri

    Good copyright free music to use for vlogs?

    Anyone know of good songs to use that aren't used to death?
  4. Narri

    Make a sentence from five letters

    Found this on another forum So I decided to steal it owo The point is to make a sentence that makes sense using the provided letters by the other user. EXAMPLE I L T E P Can make... I like to eat pie Your letters are... A B C D E
  5. Narri

    Notepad: Interesting Program To Break Procrastination When It Comes To Writing.

    getcoldturkey.com: Cold Turkey Writer I was listening to a podcast earlier today and came across this little gem of a program. It bricks your computer to the app until you get to a pre-determined word count or time limit. The only other way you can get out of the program is to restart your...
  6. Narri


    (Listen to audio clip above) This is probably gonna be really weird xDD Respond to the previous poster by shouting into your microphone (or phone xD)
  7. Narri

    (WIP) The MotherLoad Of Art References. For challenges, random studies, and more.

    I’ve made a thread or two in the past surrounding references and tutorials. They got a bit of attention but now I want to make a thread dedicated just for FREE references for people to use. Everything Will Be Divided Into Categories to help you :p If you have any additions feel free to post...
  8. Narri


    I've had telegram for a while now but haven't done anything with it. Is it worth keeping installed? Are there any groups on there that you would recommend joining? Asking So Many Questions One Would Mistake Me For Socrates... I JUST WANT TO FIND SOME USE FOR THIS, MEET OTHER FLOOFBALLS AND...
  9. Narri

    Any book recommendations?

    I typically stick to fantasy stories but I'm looking to just start to read whatever is recommended to me. I want to try something new, and I'm getting bored of only reading fantasy. Are there any books that you like and can recommend to anyone? What are some books that you think everyone...
  10. Narri

    You should play with your art!

    We’ve all been there, not knowing what to draw so we churn out study after study again and again. Slowly getting bored and demotivated yearning to create something interesting but being held back by this little voice in our heads telling us we can’t do this or that without learning the basics...
  11. Narri

    Offering Free Small Watercolor Doodles (CLOSED(

    I will probably only be doing one or two of these. Chuck any character references down below.
  12. Narri

    Music Recommendations

    I need to find some new music to listen to any recommendations? I listen to pretty much anything to be honest and yeah... Segways are weird
  13. Narri

    Post The First Video In Your YouTube Recommended

    The title says it all, I'm kinda curious to see. Welp down the rabbit hole we go.
  14. Narri

    What are some art exercises to improve your artistic skills?

    What are some tips, tricks, advice, and exercises you can recommend to anyone wanting to get better at art and improve their skills?
  15. Narri

    I need help naming this lil dood

    I've drawn him a little bit but I can't come up with a name for him. Anyone have any ideas on what to call him? (Used Deviant-art stash because it's easier then uploading to fa.....) sta.sh: Lil Doodle Dood
  16. Narri

    Quick Head-shot Sketch Requests CLOSED

    Chuck your ref down below and I will try to get through as many of these as possible in the next couple of hours :)
  17. Narri

    What is a Nazi? At least in regards to the fandom?

    I keep seeing the phrase “They are Nazi’s / You’re a Nazi being thrown around quite a lot but what does it mean? It could just be me being oblivious (which may be likely) all I’ve ever know Nazi’s as was (Google Definition) “A member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.” I've never...
  18. Narri

    Any good podcasts you can recommend?

    They don't have to be specifically furry related anything you can recommend I wanna listen. (If that makes sense)
  19. Narri

    AMA feat Alaric The Dragon Bandwagon Rider

  20. Narri

    Make a pun out of the user above you

    Exactly as it sounds 3,2,1, PUNS!!!!