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  1. Kiru-kun

    Subconscious answering machine

    Hey there, FaF. I think this is my first off topic, and it would be something, that seems to be a frequent occurrence in my life now a days. So, here's what it is. From time to time when I'm sleeping, I've had people come in and say that they have woken me up at some point in the day, though...
  2. Kiru-kun

    Tablet hasn't failed me thus far! Rough Sketches

    Okay.... Title's up there... Let's do this thing! So here's what's up, I'm once again doing random arts for random people. This time... I believe... Let's start with 5 and I may continue adding slots from there, so bring it on! The art you will be receiving will look, pretty much like...
  3. Kiru-kun

    Tablet Busts

    So, now that I have my new tablet, I'm gonna need a good bit of practice with this thing, so I'm giving one free bust away to one lucky person here. It's not first come first serve, and it's going to be a completely random draw, but for the person I do do some art for, it's going to be something...
  4. Kiru-kun

    Birthday Art whoring.

    Yay! It's obligatory count down to my death day. Sooooo, I was wondering, if I could get some birthday arts of my character, you know, in some kind of birthday scene (Refs in the sig). That would be awesome, since I know I'm not going to be doing anything, 'cept going to work. Internet...
  5. Kiru-kun

    Kiribon? How about a Kirubon?

    Yeah, I've decided to do this thing now, I'd been plotting to do this for a while. So, Kiru is doing a Kiribon type this, where you get a Free, Colored picture Much Like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6325643 The Kirubon magic number? 1000 That's right! For the low low price of...
  6. Kiru-kun

    Selling my N64

    So... FaF and/or TFL. I need some help. Running into a money crisis, I decided to sell my N64 to a guy at my School, but I don't know how to price it. Here's want I'm selling him The System with a build in memory card and the Adapter Two controllers 3 games (Mario 64, Zelda: OoT and...
  7. Kiru-kun

    Why do the fans always make better shiz?

    I'd like to bring to you today, a Web series, that is made of so much awesome. Remember those old Mortal Kombat movies that ever nerd cringes to bring up? I bring to you today Mortal Combat Legacy It's a new take on the Mortal Kombat Series that I think you all will enjoy.
  8. Kiru-kun

    Smashing some Bros!

    To Three frags left. Sup. So, a couple weeks ago, My instructor bought his Wii and Brawl to school. Needless to say, He beasted our face open. So I thought I'd ask you guess while I train to whoop some ass. For my Smash bros. people, What Do you guys do/ who do you play with in SSMB...
  9. Kiru-kun

    Bored as Shiz, so head shots

    So I'm hella bored, and I need something to do. Art's gonna look like this http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/6509/newani001.jpg Give me something to do FaF. Drawn at Random. Go.
  10. Kiru-kun

    Good Versus Terran builds/Strats

    So, TFL. I've had StarCraft for about two months now, and I've been playing mostly Zerg. I've been winning a good chunk of my matches, but my versus Terran play is.... "lacking" I normally try a ling/bling/muta strat, versus Terran, but the last game I played, the terran rolled me as I tried...
  11. Kiru-kun

    Ok, you win. God Dammit.

    I think I've finally come to terms with it... I like My Little Pony I have no unearthly clue why, but I find the show... Enjoyable. When you draw Chibi FlutterShy in a Sundress. You've crossed the thresh hold. I have been assimilated. WHY GOD!? WHYYYYYYY!?!
  12. Kiru-kun

    Lookin' for a good ref sheet

    since I've change my fursona back to a feline, I find myself looking for a ref sheet to replace the link down in my sig with an actual ref sheet. Would some one be willing to help me out? I'd love you forever and a day :3 ~Kiru'ru
  13. Kiru-kun

    Chibis for aaaaaaaaaaaall!

    Soooooo, FaF, how ya' been? It's been a while since I've done one of these, but I'm in a really good Mood. Since I've got My Scanner back, I decided that to celebrate, I'd do a round of chibis. These aren't first come first serve, They'll be in my "Meet the NewFag" Style Example...
  14. Kiru-kun

    So... The World is suppose to end tomorrow...

    http://money.cnn.com/2011/05/19/news/economy/may-21-end-of-the-world-finances-harold-camping/index.htm?hpt=C1 See you guys Sunday :V
  15. Kiru-kun

    That is a big fucking dog...

    So since my birthday has passed, I thought I'd share a weird little happening with you guys. We were going to my B-day dinner, I was leaving from my granny's house at the time. and as I'm walking out the door, I catch some movement across the street, and when I get a good look, there it is...
  16. Kiru-kun

    Can I be a art whore, just for today?

    Allo' There FaF! Kiru here, with a bit of a request. Soooo. It's my birthday today, and I don't have anything really planned, but can I ask FaF for a little birthday present? You only turn 21 once so, I'd like just a simple drawing of my 'sona, with a party hat on and a beer mug in hand...
  17. Kiru-kun

    Well shit. I didn't see that coming

    And by that, I mean the big "FUCK OFF" tornado that ripped right the hell through Alabama, followed by like... 5 or 6 mini tornadoes that took Trees, Houses, and people along with it. Some are still missing or presumed dead, and its just... Holy Hell. If you've lived in Alabama you'll know that...
  18. Kiru-kun

    More arts for mah friends

    I have another request for another friend. and this one's really simple http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/3729/aniy.jpg She basically looks like this. but with longer hair, about to her shoulder. Basically the art if of said character in an oversized shirt. she sends her thank if someone...
  19. Kiru-kun

    My first tasty beverage

    so guys. In a month's time. My 21st birthday will come. and I'm excited. pretty damn excited. So. Since I'm be able to legally drink alcohol. What do you guys think I should have for my first drink ever?
  20. Kiru-kun

    What should I do with it?

    So I am now in the possession of a Gate 15 inch paper weight. I call that because it use to be my Nice Gateway 15 inch laptop, til' the Motherboard bit the big one. Other then the dead mother board its still a good laptop. Now I have no clue what to do with it and I thought I'd ask you guys...