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  1. Flamingo

    Knowing your partner's real name

    Frankly, Perkele is peak perfection and no other name would be needed for me.
  2. Flamingo

    Things That You Love v3.0

    A positive thread? How odd. (Keep it up, this is great.)
  3. Flamingo

    Thank you for your useless commentary.

    Thank you for your useless commentary.
  4. Flamingo

    No? :)

    No? :)
  5. Flamingo

    How did you come up with your fursona’s name?

    It was chosen for me.
  6. Flamingo

    Kansas Furs

    I'm aware of a lot of Kansas furries. So yes!
  7. Flamingo


  8. Flamingo


  9. Flamingo

    Predators and Prey

    I fixed the capitalization of this thread title. My work here is done.
  10. Flamingo

    Fuck you all leaving the fandom

    Aight. No more of this thread.
  11. Flamingo

    Predators and Prey

    So many questions.
  12. Flamingo

    Fuck you all leaving the fandom

    Explain pog to me. I'm old.
  13. Flamingo

    Why do people hate me?

  14. Flamingo

    Fuck you all leaving the fandom

    every time I log in to the forums
  15. Flamingo

    Why was my post deleted

    You're going to be okay.
  16. Flamingo

    Vent Thread

  17. Flamingo

    obligatory pride month thread (for 2021)

    If Dragoneer or Chase want to make special discussion rules, all the more power to them. Not my lane. I can only encourage people to be decent human beings and then clean up the inevitable train wreck when everyone devolves the thread into a WWE match. :) Otherwise, Happy Pride Month!