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  1. Freia the arctic fox

    Does Trolls ever bother you?

    We furries are very often targeted by random trolls who will say things like "you do unappropriated things with animals because you are a furry!" Sometimes they will even claim that you have autism because you're a furry. They don't really bother me personally I find them rather entertaining but...
  2. Freia the arctic fox

    Admin Review: Our controversial fandom

    For most parts this is a very kind and caring community. Most furies I know are very normal looking people and in my experience furies are usually less viable in real life than people from other fandom's. When people think of furies they think of the cringe beings on the planet and for some that...
  3. Freia the arctic fox

    Thoughts on Yiff

    A topic that brought up from time to time is yiff. Yiff is something that is a larger part of the fandom than most people would like to admit. It's a bit of a taboo topic although many people here posses yiff art either it is of their own character or just some art they found that is to their...
  4. Freia the arctic fox

    Hello fellow floofs

    I'm Freia and you could say that I'm both new and old here. I just made a new account and have not been on here for many years so I guess you could say that I'm new. I'm an arctic fox I'm female and I turn 21 the 28th of march. I'm feminine but I like to play games like world of Warcraft and...
  5. Freia the arctic fox

    Skandinaviske furries/ pelsere

    Jeg bare lurer på om det er mange skandinaviske furryer her. Nå er ikke furry kulturen særlig mainstream men jeg vet att man støter på en skandinavisk furry fra tid til annen. Jeg vet om en norsk samle discord for weebs og furrier men en veldig liten minoritet der identifiserer seg selv med...