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  1. FoxWithAName

    E3 Watch-along

    Hi everyone! We are planning to make a watch-along of the upcoming E3 on our very new and very small Discord Server. Join us during the event to hang out, meet new people and talk a bit about everything that is going on in the gaming world. If you are interested of watching the online...
  2. FoxWithAName

    I have an unusal idea (Protogen Guitar)

    Hear me out, I need a project, something to do or I will eventually go insane... I picked up my Guitar again and looked and the head had an also familiar shape. I imagined how a protogen head on a guitar would look like and it struck me, did anyone done this before. I searched a bit and I could...
  3. FoxWithAName

    Furmula 1 anyone?

    When I was a kid id love to watch Formula 1, the sound the speed and of course Michael Schumacher. My first real hero. ^^ But after a while I forgot about my passion. At 2016 however I started again and I felt the nostalgia kick in. But I did not liked the design of the cars, to narrow and that...
  4. FoxWithAName


    This is my first post, currently I am exploring the community and try to find some active threads. I am new to the fandom and new to forums in general soooooo, a complete noob here. Still learning lingo and rules. Basically I am very shy and quite around the Internet, but i want to change some...