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  1. Phase2

    (Commission) Selling: Aaawhyme's variety of art! Now Open

    Furaffinity commission sheet here are my prices! I can draw any type of character, furry/human/monster etc. any genders and pairings and I enjoy all types of themes! Particularly dramatic lighting and creepy/edgy/dark themes, but also beautiful and cute themes too! Thank you for your time!
  2. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    Ahhh I'm so glad you like it! Ahaha it's funny because I always find hair the most difficult to draw, I'm glad it turned out the way it should! Honestly I usually draw such evil characters and it's so refreshing to draw something a bit more pure and chill! Thank you for being such a joy to...
  3. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    Heyyy sorry for the wait! Here's your big blue boi~ Stash sorry I didnt know where else to upload it, its kind of a big file because i have no chill! hopefully you can see it on stash (there are 2 versions) I uploaded 2 versions. one with the symbols and one without~ because im indecisive...
  4. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    OMG thats exactly what i said when i saw it haha "i dont wanna meet him in an alleyway!" its perfect, man. thank you for the roughsketch, your sketches read so well! mine are a complete disaster ahaha and absolutely, you can post this wherever you want! ( On any other website that exists, my...
  5. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    ohhh you are so sweet! thank you for the kind words!~ honestly i love bantering about characters. its nice to find people that banter back every once in a while, else i just do it to the weirdo in front of my bathroom mirror hahaa
  6. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    AHhh! AHHhhhhfsdkjhk ohhhh maaan, i keep screaming at this and just staring in silence before screaming again. I haven't seen any of my characters portrayed like this in a while, you made me so happy on this beautiful day ;_; thank you ahh For real, this is SO GOOD. the lighting beams coming...
  7. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    well now that you mention it i didnt give that much thought tbh. it could be either at this point. i think my brain was thinking that he would have more than one tongue, they can come out all at the same time and vary in sizes and types (some may be forked, others may have two thin tongues...
  8. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    ohh this is perfect, thank you so much! I already have a few ideas now! ;)
  9. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    awesome sounds good to me! thank you! please send me more info on him if you can! it will help me come up with stuff :D from what I understand, he's a supper chillax dude with a calm/kind personality?~ maybe even partakes in a little bit o' leaf from time to time ;) haha
  10. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    UM OKAY! That character is CHOICE material! Ya boi Cliff is very much my cuppa tea! Are you interested in a certain type of drawing? Portrait/half/full? And how finished do you wanna get? Flat colours or more detailed/finesse?
  11. Phase2

    Art trade - Freaky Monsters

    I am open to an artrade if anyone is interest! heres my samples. deviantart I'm open to all styles sketchy or cleaned up and any lengths portrait/half/fullbody though I am looking for some colour included, even if its just flat colour! I really want art of my oc, Fatkat. I just love him so...
  12. Phase2

    Random Requests Thread

    Really need one of my boys just all angry and tied up/bound in some way >_> https://toyhou.se/aaawhyme/characters its a need.
  13. Phase2

    Hiring: ($150+) LF artist to draw a Demon Doctor and his Human Patient

    I am looking for a 2 character fully finished illustration with a background. I am looking for cellshaded or painting styles mostly, but I am not picky on any particular style. feel free to post anything you're offering These two characters: https://toyhou.se/2946689.whorker Demon doctor -...
  14. Phase2

    Hiring: ($50+) Looking for artist (not cute) - humanoid art

    https://toyhou.se/87470.markus#28732128 in particular i am looking for art of this character His concept is loose and I would love him to either have his mask off or on something intimidating and cool, perhaps an action pose I am not in the market for cute art style at the moment, but any...
  15. Phase2

    Free Art: Taking drawing requests[Open as of Feb 14]

    ohhh wow thank you so much! it looks great! I love how feral you made him look! you should have more confidence, your art has a unique strength to it! its hard to explain! thank you so much for taking the time to draw for me! <3
  16. Phase2

    Hiring: 100$ price range - bondage (SFW)

    hey there! I'm looking for something SFW and sinister (blood/wounds is allowed) of an evil and strictly bound demon. similar to this sketch- but not needing to be the same. (artistic freedom is welcome) of this character Grieve on Toyhouse looking for any style! roughly 100$ price range...
  17. Phase2

    Hiring: 100-150$ looking for full art (with bg) SFW or NSFW

    hey there! I have a budget of roughly 100 or 150$, though please dont hesitate to post your art no matter your price range, so i can keep you in mind for later if its more than I can handle right now! :) I am MAYBE looking for NSFW art of two male characters (dubcon is an interest of mine but...
  18. Phase2

    Free Art: Looking for Furries to draw~

    BRING ME FURRIES I cannot guarantee they will be good. I am not skilled with animal bodies, or those fancy animal legs and snouts furries have. But I wanna get better. I wanna draw sleeping poses. How would your character sleep? messily? neatly? all curled up in a ball? sprawled out on...
  19. Phase2

    Free Art: Free commission samples! (Closed- all requests finished!)

    wow! thank you so much for this! I love it! <3