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  1. Lord-Kiviniik

    Rate my Art!

    Thank you! I'm glad you like them!
  2. Lord-Kiviniik

    Rate my Art!

    I wanted to add a poll but apparently it posted lol Choices are : LQ - Low Quality MQ - Medium Quality HQ - High Quality
  3. Lord-Kiviniik

    Rate my Art!

    Ok so I've been wondering what quality my art is, and honestly I can't decide So here I am! Don't hesitate to roast me as long as it's constructive! But please keep it civil overall Full galleries DA : Lord-Kiviniik's DeviantArt Gallery FA (NSFW) : Artwork Gallery for Lord-Kiviniik -- Fur...
  4. Lord-Kiviniik

    Looking for Book Cover Image, details inside

    It sounds like a good challenge! I'd be interested to work with you on this For examples, you can see all my SFW pieces on my DA : Lord-Kiviniik's DeviantArt Gallery And my NSFW on FA : Artwork Gallery for Lord-Kiviniik -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. Lord-Kiviniik

    Dragoness Icon

    Hi! I'd be interested in drawing your icon! I usually ask 15$-20$ depending on the amount of details wanted! For examples, you can see all my SFW pieces on my DA : http://lord-kiviniik.deviantart.com/gallery/ And my NSFW on FA : Artwork Gallery for Lord-Kiviniik -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. Lord-Kiviniik

    Hi, could I get a redline or critique on this?

    If you're still looking for a redline, I can try!
  7. Lord-Kiviniik

    Canine Artists

    I'm interested in doing work for you! I love drawing canines, and they are my specialty For multiple headshots colored, I can do them for 15$ a piece (normal price is 25) Examples can be found in my Deviantart account
  8. Lord-Kiviniik

    Wyvern comparison sheet

    Sounds good to me. I can definitely work with that. I will wait for you to make your decision If you wish to have more information about me and/or my art, feel free to email me at kiviniik@hotmail.com
  9. Lord-Kiviniik

    Wyvern comparison sheet

    -For the finished files of the project, would you be looking at one big file, or several smaller ones? And I guess at 300dpi minimum for printing? -All the comparisons would need to be drawn separate or as a whole? (Example : The head with Lincoln as size reference, would the head be attached to...
  10. Lord-Kiviniik

    Wyvern comparison sheet

    I'd be willing to take the challenge if you'd want my art! Tho I would have some questions about the whole project if you don't mind
  11. Lord-Kiviniik

    Vehicle based dragon headshots

    My vote goes for any Mustangs. I love those cars I'd be more then willing to do the 1968 Mustang Shelby fastback as a commission
  12. Lord-Kiviniik

    High Quality Artworks (Anthro, Feral and Humans)

    I'm offering digital commissions for characters I have a wide range of artwork types I can do, and even more I'm willing to experiment on! All examples can be seen in my DA page (I'm reuploading things here slowly) Lord-Kiviniik on DeviantArt I will draw : - Anthro, Feral and Humans - -...
  13. Lord-Kiviniik

    Sergal poses, nsfw

    Here is my application for the work you're looking for Most of my stuff can be seen on my DA account (lord-kiviniik.deviantart.com) but here are the highlights My full pricelist can be seen HERE. Prices can be negotiated to fit your budget (Sorry about the formatting, I'm still figuring it out)
  14. Lord-Kiviniik

    Always open for commissions

    Always open for commissions