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  1. Alaricat

    Looking for a long term rp partner for plot based rp

    Hello! I've been looking into doing a rp, preferably well written (aka no *licks u*), the plot would be in medieval times with magic and different fantasy races and of course anthros and some shape shifters. I would be playing as my character Kestrel, a lazy hawk-cat shifter whos trying to find...
  2. Alaricat

    Hiring: Looking for couple art with background and shading

    Hiya! I'm planning on proposing to my partner and i was thinking i'd commission art of my sona proposing to their sona and while theyre looking at it I would get on one knee... ik it's cheesy but the furry community is a big part of both of our lives and also how we met. Anyways! I would be...
  3. Alaricat

    Why is there no Las Vegas furcon?

    I've heard of Eliotts winter festivities but those seem to be inactive and not really a con but an anthro party. I'm talking about an actual convention held at a convention hall. If anywhere should have a huge furry convention you'd think it would be vegas, and yet there is none. Any ideas as to...
  4. Alaricat

    Looking to buy simple ref (budget: $50)

    I just got a character that I've fallen in love with named Maerwynn. She is a Borzoi Maned wolf mix in a Medieval time frame. Put simple she is the daughter of the queen and a commoner. Obviously king isn't too thrilled about her so she is sent to train as a warrior to die at a young age. After...
  5. Alaricat

    Getting back into RPing! looking for a long term partner!

    I'm looking for a semi-literate-literate long term rp partner. I'm thinking a casual rp where our two characters decide to runaway together. Must be able to help the story progress, don't leave that up to me please. Please no use of asterisks and must be written in third person. Fantasy is okay...
  6. Alaricat

    Two Frame PfP! Only Four Slots!

    Hello, I'm offering two frame animated icons for different social medias... I came from Amino where it's the land of cheap 13 year olds and would like to start getting better commissioners than edgy sonic ocs ^^" Below I have some examples, prices vary on the size. 350x350 px is $6 100x100 px...
  7. Alaricat

    Any advice for someone new to forums?

    This is doubling as my intro post... Yo you can call me Alaricat, my fursonas are Alari the fennec fox and Rizzo the gray newt... but mainly Alari. I started off in DA, then went to Amino... But Amino is full of a bunch of annoying 13 year olds and I want to find some people who I can talk to...