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  1. PaintedMica

    I totally don't forget my password every two months.

    I totally don't forget my password every two months.
  2. PaintedMica

    Hiring: Looking for badges and portraits $30-60 budget [CLOSED]

    Heyo! I'm looking for a fursquared badge for my Protogen. Cyberpunk/synthwave themed would be preferred! If possible I'd like the badges before Fur Squared (Feburary 10th) Additionally, I'm looking for some holiday themed portraits of my main sona, Mica. (Both SFW and NSFW) Feel free to drop...
  3. PaintedMica

    Hiring: Looking for Vaporwave/Retro art and some others (Filled)

    Hullo! I'm a College student on a budget so I'd like to try and avoid going over 60-65 USD. As such, things I'm looking for in order of importance are: 1. A better/more detailed Ref Sheet 2. Vaporwave/Retro styled art 3. Egyptian Pharaohish art (African Wild Dog, it was bound to happen sometime...
  4. PaintedMica

    Doggo looking for a ride and a room to MFF

    Heyo! I'm from Madison Wisconsin and am currently looking for a ride to MFF, along with a room, although both of those things don't need to be with the same people. I'm perfectly fine with splitting gas money! Will take floor space in a room somewhere. I'm a pretty quiet guy, and not much of a...
  5. PaintedMica

    What would be your theme song?

    Because I'm fabulous [Insert hair flip here]
  6. PaintedMica

    Furry Amino volume one: The Curators

    You know, I honestly got the same impression the first month. I've met several amazing people, yet at the same time I almost sigh in frustration on a daily basis. I'd probably hang around Fur Affinity more since I actually like the people here more. Buuut, I'm a shy person, and Amino is...
  7. PaintedMica

    Furry Amino volume one: The Curators

    So, I'm curious as to how many people here actively use Furry Amino. Secondly, I'm also curious as to how their run ins with the Amino staff, if you've had any, have gone. Mainly because I hear a lot of negative things about the curators, yet on the flip side there's a large following that seems...
  8. PaintedMica

    What is your faith/doctrine/religion (if any?)

    I generally follow the Asatru religion. Well, Pagan for short haha. Just thought I'd drop by. Have a nice day!
  9. PaintedMica

    Is there anything worse than Unrequited love?

    Twelve year olds with video games and Microphones.
  10. PaintedMica

    Advice For Commission and Patreon Writing

    Well, I've just recently set up streaming on YouTube and a Patreon. As for tier rewards, my main goal is to interact with the community in general, meaning taking their suggestions and ideas and putting them into an overarching story. For example, one dollar is just if you'd like to support...
  11. PaintedMica


    Tricksie hobbitses
  12. PaintedMica


    A half decent picture of me taken a while back.
  13. PaintedMica

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    Funnily enough, if the Jews had been in Egypt and left via mass exodus, Egypt's economy at the time would've crashed. Negative bank account = No more pyramids
  14. PaintedMica

    Commissioning for stories?

    There is a difference between basic communication, and actual skill based writing. Not everyone can write like Tolkien or George R.R Martin. In my eyes writing is a skill based talent that does require dedication and practice in order to do well. As such, the amount of work and intellectual...
  15. PaintedMica

    Wisdom teeth removal concerns...

    For mine, I was knocked out cold. Only counted to ten before I fell asleep. I don't even remember waking up, but when I came to, I was in a wheel chair. Just felt a bit weak, nothing major. Slept for half the day and had a smooth two week recovery. It's not horrifically scary in all honesty.
  16. PaintedMica

    Any Other Active Furry Sites??

    Only thing I can think of is the Amino App but that has problems of a different type.
  17. PaintedMica

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    The main issue I see in most problems is in that interpretation. As the commandments were handed down from God to man, those are very difficult to dispute. Whereas the bible, which was written by man in God's words, is a tad more prone to being wrenched into all sorts of interesting shapes and...
  18. PaintedMica

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    Many interpret the word of God in different ways. Disobedience in this context is mildly subjective rather than objective as each person spoken to will have their own preconceived notions on how the rules apply to them.
  19. PaintedMica

    Furry Fandom, Christianity, and Sexuality

    Now, this is just my opinion so please, don't think I'm bashing or forcing my ideas and ideals on anyone. In my view of things, a religion which prevents one from loving another human regardless of gender in an intimate fashion, is a religion whose doctrine cares not for the needs of its people...
  20. PaintedMica

    Do you believe in God, or some similar thing?

    I feel like you've just summed up most speech and debates in general.