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  1. Rhee

    advice on fans

    got some strange advice the other day about having a fan as heat sink only because with cold air on the face would cause fainting; there was no other explanation about why cold air on face would cause the fainting in a hot suit? I asked if it was due to re-breathing old breath but it doesn't...
  2. Rhee

    ear & foam help

    So its suppose to be a wolf like thing, but the ears I keep making are decidedly cat or fox ears. so I was hoping someone could use paint or some art program I am without one and draw some wolf like ears? possibly any pointers on foaming the head too, unfortunately I do mostly bone work so...
  3. Rhee


    So I've been poking/snooping around here and other fur places. Testing the waters I suppose. I'm Rhee, I like to create things. My time for creations is constantly at war with school time. On the side I have a few costume projects, and play video games when I can. :U