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  1. pingpong99

    (Commission) Selling: SMEWS COMMISSION THREAD [OPEN] [SFW]

    bumping with a flat color fullbody!
  2. pingpong99

    Thank you so much! :D It was a pretty good one, I got a new pair of birding binoculars.

    Thank you so much! :D It was a pretty good one, I got a new pair of birding binoculars.
  3. pingpong99

    My husband has cancer

    Best of luck with the treatment, I pray it yields promising results. Must be a very nerve-wracking experience for you..
  4. pingpong99

    Do animals have souls? Your thoughts!

    Maybe a primitive sort of soul, but not the divine nature humans have. Jury's out on that one, for me..
  5. pingpong99

    (Commission) Selling: SMEWS COMMISSION THREAD [OPEN] [SFW]

    Bumping with an example of a shaded character design, tried a new approach to coloring with this and really like it so I'll probably stick with it.
  6. pingpong99

    Engagement on FA main site

    This has always been my experience too, but being a SFW artist might add to it.
  7. pingpong99

    (Commission) Selling: SMEWS COMMISSION THREAD [OPEN] [SFW]

    bumping with an example of a shaded waist up portrait.
  8. pingpong99

    Hiring: ($150+) Pokemon pinup (with some character design)

    Hello! I'd love to do something like this, I've done a lot of pinup art in my time ^_^ My thread is here with some extra info attached, but I'll put some stuff here for convenience' sake. I can do both cutesy chibi-esque stuff and more semi-realism oriented things, whatever your preference is.
  9. pingpong99

    Hiring: ($150+) Character sheet

    Hey! Don't know if you already found someone, but here's my thread with some examples attached. My discord is also on there for easy contact ^_^
  10. pingpong99

    (Commission) Selling: SMEWS COMMISSION THREAD [OPEN] [SFW]

    Been a second since I updated this thread! Here's a (mostly) flatcolor character design I did for a friend.
  11. pingpong99

    Anyone here into birdwatching?

    I have the first two! They're what allowed me to get into birding more seriously back when I started. I got them when I lived in Spain and there were a lot of parakeets around that I wanted to ID. Man, those things were loud :(
  12. pingpong99

    What have you been having for breakfast lately?

    My go-to lately has been crisp bread with skagenröra and egg slices. (skagenröra is a mix of shrimp, dill, roe and mayonnaise, it's pretty popular in the nordic countries) And ofc my morning cuppa :)
  13. pingpong99

    Anyone here into birdwatching?

    I'm visiting the US later this year and I'd love to see these! It's in Florida, so my greatest wish is to see a roseate spoonbill... They're just so cool, I love their weird naked heads. I didn't know they walked into town like that, that's pretty funny. There's a place here in Sweden called...
  14. pingpong99

    Anyone here into birdwatching?

    Oh man, I SUCK at identifying the calls! Unless they're really distinct. And it's a really important skill to have, too, since some of them are very rarely seen or only seen in flight. It's a shame that some birds refuse to sit nice and still for you where you can see them clearly >:(
  15. pingpong99

    RANT: Stop oversexualizing your fursonas; treat them like characters.

    going to the store, y'all want anything
  16. pingpong99

    Hiring: LF art for multiple D&D characters

    Hello! My commission info is *here* but you can reach out on the discord I have posted there if you'd like more examples. ^_^ Here's the latest thing I did, it's more humanoid but I draw a bit of everything!