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  1. ExperiMUNt

    Warnings for making DTD's (Duct Tape Dummies)

    So I've recently just finished making my first ever duct tape dummy, and it was neither an easy nor a fun process I'll tell you that. But my biggest warning to all of you out there who have not yet made a DTD yet but are is that you must work quickly! Reason being is that your feet and hands...
  2. ExperiMUNt

    How do you sew fabric onto digigrate legs/padded body parts?

    I am an experienced seamstress, but, I am actually going to be creating my first costume. However, I am curious to know as to how one would sew fabric onto padded legs? Before I start my project off I want to have a solid understanding of how to properly create the suit, then getting down to...
  3. ExperiMUNt

    Anatomy and Coloration Critique Needed!

    Hello! I'm still rather new to the furry fandom, but I am very familiar with digital art. I wanted to try and express my artistry in some different styles, and drawing fur was one of my weakest talents. I recently tried to make my own unique furry species, but I feel as if something just isn't...
  4. ExperiMUNt

    Oh Canada, you and your placements of Prairie Land Cities

    If there has to be one huge and major thing I dislike about Canada, is how ISOLATE some of its cities are. I'm a Winnipeger, and we are oh so very isolate from any other city, it quite literally takes 20h+ just to get to Toronto, or it takes a good six hours to get to Regina. If any Canadian...