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  1. llMeanlightll

    Let's Draw! "Proud to be a Furry"

    I've only been in this community for a while and I've seen that this forum is kind of...slow in a way? There's not much activities going on and so I think gathering us here together to draw our fursona in a common 'theme' if you could say, would be fun! Something along the line of taking a...
  2. llMeanlightll

    Need some confirmation on this

    As much as I am new here but are those thread spamming going on in the general discussion section of this forum? Is it just another spam-bot? I'm so confused D:
  3. llMeanlightll

    Greetings! c:

    I'm still not sure about this but here I go! I'll try to make it short! So to start off...actually I don't even know how I ended up here. From being a huge dragon enthusiast I turned into a furry in a blink of an eye. I remembered watching videos of furcons on youtube and man did it drag me...