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  1. nitwit

    Notepad: Commission Writing Open: First 4 slots for 40 bucks under 4000 words.

    Opening up commissions for my writing skills so it's first spot first surf for my furry homies. I write both pornos and non-pornos for all furry kind. The First 4 homies can get their stories written for 40 bucks under 4000 words if you have characters or a setting that interested me? I will...
  2. nitwit

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions Opened for Writing: (First 4 people get 4000 words for $40)

    Today I'm thinking of opening commissions for April of this month. I will only allow 4 people to commission me money to write their stories. No matter if it's lewd or otherwise. I will write only under 4000 words and the price will be 40 bucks. I really want to focus on story including writing...
  3. nitwit

    Hiring: ($35+) Looking for NSFW Writer for a Story of 6000 Words ($35-60) (CLOSED)

    NSFW stories? Cool! Can I accept your commission? I write good pornos
  4. nitwit

    Free Art: Lemme Draw Your Characters

    I got some characters fam. I think you could try out one of my girls. :D Her name is Shandis and she is raccoon gal. Do some nice NSFW art of her if you want. :)
  5. nitwit

    Unique and interesting characters for sale~

    Cute OCs. But I have no money to buy them sadly. :(
  6. nitwit

    nanabun's colored chibi/kemonomimis! (NSFW added)

    This looks cool. But I'm low at cash at the moment. :(
  7. nitwit


    nitwit on Toyhouse My OC Nitwit. Draw him if you like. :)
  8. nitwit

    3d Custom Models and Animations

    WOW! That's amazing!
  9. nitwit

    ★Free Ink Sketches★ NSFW requests OK!

    Will do! You are a wonderful artist. :D
  10. nitwit

    ★Free Ink Sketches★ NSFW requests OK!

    nitwit on Toyhouse I hope you are alright withdrawing my OC Nitwit. :)
  11. nitwit

    Free Line Art : Need practice drawing the stuff!

    Here's my OC Nitwit. nitwit on Toyhouse I hope you are okay with his design. :D
  12. nitwit

    Free Line Art : Need practice drawing the stuff!

    Sounds interesting. Would love to see your take on my OCs. :)
  13. nitwit

    Headshots/Busts | OPEN

    I would love to see what a design of Nitwit would look like in your style. :) [/spoiler]
  14. nitwit

    No fetish / kink limits! Commissions open!

    Lovely commission work. I'll keep that in mind when commissioning your work.
  15. nitwit

    Let me write for you ♡

    Golly! That sounds amazing. But I'm folk outta money sadly. :( Maybe when I get paid big cash. I could commission a one-shot from you based on one of my OCs. Hopefully, it would take too long until Mother's Day. :)
  16. nitwit

    Random Requests Thread

    Okay. I would love to see fanart of this cute bird right here. You could draw her either preggo or no preggo. :)
  17. nitwit

    Random Requests Thread

    Still open for requests?
  18. nitwit

    Drawing Ref Sheets!! (3/3) CLOSED

    My character doesn't have a reference sheet. Go take a look at him. His name is Nitwit by the way? He's an unknown animal. So he's not related to any animal really? He can be black, blue, or purple if you like. And also he's dumb as hell. lol He also loves bombs. :)
  19. nitwit

    Taking requests again.

    Thank you.