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  1. Hound-of-chulainn

    VR Gaming

    Anybody play VR? I've played on my ex's PSVR and Vive for PC, but I've had my own headset for a while now. Looking to hear if anyone has fun stories, headset talk, or just game recommendations. :) Some games that I've found fun are Pistol Whip, which is like if someone made John Wick into a...
  2. Hound-of-chulainn

    Art Trade: Pixel artist looking to do some art trades (Open - 2 Slots)

    Hey everyone. I've had some artist block for a while, but now that I'm starting to get over it, I wanted to do some art trades before the year ends and I get flooded with work again. If you'd like to see some of my art, you can check out my gallery. I'm mostly focusing on pixel art and...
  3. Hound-of-chulainn

    Hello Everyone

    Hey everyone. My account isn't really new, but I used to just post art for a bit and then vanish for a while. I'm hoping to get into posting art a bit more regularly and make some friends to talk to on here too. I'm a 25 year old male that used to make art for games, and I enjoy computers...
  4. Hound-of-chulainn

    Free Art: HoC's Freebie Sprites (closed)

    Doing some freebie pixel art / sprites in addition to my commission page. Since they're freebies, size/animations and such I'll decide depending on how I'm feeling, But I'm looking to do one or two a week while I've got some extra time on my hands. If you'd like to see some of my art, feel...
  5. Hound-of-chulainn

    (Commission) Selling: HoC's Sprite Shop Starting at $5 (Open)

    I've been away from the community for a while, but I'm back with my sprite shop. I do pixel art and animations, but also 3D models and digital paintings, but those I'll be adding on here later. __________________________________________________________________ I don't have any NSFW works, but...
  6. Hound-of-chulainn

    Spriting / pixel animation comissions

    Hey everyone, I've been away for a little while, but I'm looking to start up doing commissions again, focusing more on spritework. Prices are $5 for a small sprite and $7 for a large sprite. Animations are an additional $5 for 4 small frames and $7 for 4 large frames Backgrounds are free for...
  7. Hound-of-chulainn

    Pixel Artists/Spriters?

    Are there any pixel artists or sprite makers on FA? I'd love to see/follow other people's work if they post it here.
  8. Hound-of-chulainn

    Broken Supplies / Downtime

    So my pen for my tablet broke earlier today, and it got my wondering, what do other digital artists tend to do in situations like these, you can't just pick up a new one at the local art store like a regular brush, and if you order them online you'll have to wait quite a while for a new one. So...
  9. Hound-of-chulainn

    taking requests to build portfolio (2 slots)

    I've never actually done furry art before (although I've done a lot of animal art in the past), so I'm looking to build up a portfolio before doing commissions. I'll do 2 freebie slots a week, just let me know what your character looks like and what kind of view/pose you'd like them in. one...
  10. Hound-of-chulainn


    Hello everyone. I'm the Hound of Chulainn and I'm a digital artist. One of my friends in the furry community suggested that I make an account here and post some of my art, and I figured that while I'm at it, I can poke in the forums and see what the community is all about, and maybe make some...