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  1. DreyaCira

    Free Art: Offering 3 holiday themed requests Complete

    Finished my holiday requests, thanks to everyone who let me draw their characters, it was fun! 1. Belladonna_Mandrake - Complete 2. Deathless - Complete 3. Bluefiremark II - Complete These will take me a few days to complete. Here's a ref of Dreya who will be included in each picture:
  2. DreyaCira

    First Con, looking for friends

    Heyo! I just got into the furry fandom this year, and I've bought myself a ticket to Furpocalypse. I'm really excited to go, and also nervous for several reasons. I don't have a single furry friend, I just haven't met any friends who are furries. I'm also an older adult, aged 30, and I know most...