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  1. funyanshi

    The meaning of "sona"?

    Hi everybody. Ive been thinking about this topic for a while now and im sure its been asked before but: What does a "sona" mean to you? I made a 'sona' years ago that i really love but i also kind of kept him as his own character too - he was sort of a stand in for me from time to time but not...
  2. funyanshi

    Art trade?? (1/2 slots)

    Hello! I like doing trades ^^ i prefer cute ocs, soft and fluffy and colorful palettes~ you can see my art on FA @ funyanshi. I think id be most interested in trading halfbodys, but i might be interested in one full body trade too :3 If youre interested in a possible trade, please post...
  3. funyanshi

    any good rp spots?

    its been so long since ive roleplayed somewhere. i mostly stick with ppl i know now, and doing private little things 1/1 bc its easy. i used to play a lot on gaia but i feel like a grandpa on there now lol. i used houseeroes / fictiondepot for a minute but i didnt click with a lot of the people...
  4. funyanshi

    finally remembered to make a fa forum account! i use the main site to post art (mostly m/m, cutesy, sfw and nsfw) under the same handle. im just sort of looking around aimlessly rn. happy new year! bye.