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  1. pingpong99

    What have you been having for breakfast lately?

    My go-to lately has been crisp bread with skagenröra and egg slices. (skagenröra is a mix of shrimp, dill, roe and mayonnaise, it's pretty popular in the nordic countries) And ofc my morning cuppa :)
  2. pingpong99

    Anyone here into birdwatching?

    Self-explanatory title. I'm an amateur myself, still learning how to id some pretty basic/common birds, but man if it hasn't been fun to learn! Would love to hear from other birders on here!
  3. pingpong99

    (Commission) Selling: SMEWS COMMISSION THREAD [OPEN] [SFW]

    First things first! My discord is darbie#9192 and I'm a lot easier to reach there (i block FA certain hours of the day for productivity reasons) and we'll be able to hash stuff out in greater deal as well as haggle on prices. My prices can be flexible in that I might charge less if the design/bg...
  4. pingpong99

    Long-time artist, new-ish to the whole furry thing.

    The forums were always down back when I made an FA around half a year ago, so I never introduced myself.. Hi! I'm a long-time artist, used to be in the dA furry community when I was around 11-13. I have some really fond memories of the people I met, most of which I've unfortunately lost touch...