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  1. nitwit

    Notepad: Commission Writing Open: First 4 slots for 40 bucks under 4000 words.

    Opening up commissions for my writing skills so it's first spot first surf for my furry homies. I write both pornos and non-pornos for all furry kind. The First 4 homies can get their stories written for 40 bucks under 4000 words if you have characters or a setting that interested me? I will...
  2. nitwit

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions Opened for Writing: (First 4 people get 4000 words for $40)

    Today I'm thinking of opening commissions for April of this month. I will only allow 4 people to commission me money to write their stories. No matter if it's lewd or otherwise. I will write only under 4000 words and the price will be 40 bucks. I really want to focus on story including writing...
  3. nitwit

    Fan-fiction Commissions

    Hello everyone. I recently started making money using my writing skills to make stories for people who love to see their OCs in fanfics. Be it crossovers, taking a vaca, or resting a bit. I can write a story as long as it doesn't take me days or weeks to finish. Prices on some of my work will...
  4. nitwit

    Hello everybody!

    I'm new to this forum site. But I already made an account on FA under a different name. So here's a link to it if you didn't know I have? Userpage of supernatural64 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Anyways I hope I can make a good impression on this site once I post as much here on Thread and users I...