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  1. Kope

    So what happened to Politics Chat again?

    I must have missed it but I like debating with others as long as it’s generally peaceful. Was wondering what happened to take it down.
  2. Kope

    Why do you keep going

    It all seems pointless, but for many of you why is it not so.
  3. Kope

    Staying positive and patient in these sucky times?

    Depression disrupts my motivation for art and self improvement so I was wondering what you furs think about overcoming it.
  4. Kope

    Critique: Rate my art

  5. Kope

    Commission open Need help to support grandma

    https://www.furaffinity.net/user/weirdo9018/ My gallery 5$ for sketch 10$ Color 15$ Illustration +5$ per character
  6. Kope

    Does anyone have advice on moving to Canada?

    I like how they treat their citizens compared to the U.S so does anyone know how to move from The U.S to Canada (like get a job and house and citzenship?)
  7. Kope

    What makes you happy?

    I’ll go first my fur friends, my hobbies, art, and bean burritos uWu
  8. Kope

    (Commission) Selling: Furry art or stickers sfw and nsfw

    anything 5$ and up is good with me
  9. Kope

    Art Trade: Furry Art trade

    Examples of my artstyle
  10. Kope

    Critique: Art style inconsistent

    This maybe why not a lot on twitter like my art but just wanted a second opinion as to how to be more consistent so people like my art
  11. Kope

    How to deal with anxiety

    I feel a painful compression in my chest 90 percent of the time. I can’t sleep and it’s affecting my art production. I’ve tried meditation but it hasn’t worked. I ordered some cod oil online so I hope that will do something, but is there anything I can do besides deep breathing to sooth my pain...
  12. Kope

    Free Art: Nsfw practice

    Alright I’m caving in time to do some nsfw stuff to build my nsfw account up Won’t draw gore vore fatfurs and anything else I find unappealing Not kink shaming or anything just don’t want to draw that stuff Other than that I’ll draw most anything else in any pose Anxiety and Depression have...
  13. Kope

    How to stay motivated to draw

    I love drawing and I practice everyday, but I don’t know if it’s my depression or what I just get so unmotivated and lazy to where I don’t want to do anything including my passion drawing. Any tips?
  14. Kope

    Does it take long for your first commission?

    I have been trying to improve my art and make some money while I’m at and was just wondering how long it takes usually for a beginning artist.
  15. Kope

    (Commission) Selling: New commissions $5 and up

    I’m a new artist going by Kope/weirdo9018 looking to make awesome art Willing to draw sfw/nsfw and have a negotiable price based on amount of work 5 for sketch 10 for shaded drawing with background 15 for a whole scene with characters Here’s some of my work if you are interested dm me through...
  16. Kope

    How to know when you are ready to start commissions

    I think I’m improving everyday, but I’d like to know how good you have to be before starting commissioning for others. Any advice is appreciated as well for art in general
  17. Kope

    Does anyone know how to get over a deep period of loneliness

    Been alone all my life and was wondering if anyone has a good strategy to counteract the despairing feelings that come along with it.
  18. Kope

    Anyone else afraid of the future?

    We are uncertain times and things seem crazier everyday. Being self isolated and lonely doesn’t help either. Just seeing if anyone feels the same.
  19. Kope

    Free Art: Characters for practice (closed for now)

    New artist who needs art practice for my portfolio and you get free art.
  20. Kope

    Critique: I want to develop my own style and get better with my art

    Any advice is appreciated on what I need to improve