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  1. General-jwj

    Shit, let's be Santa (Christmas Thread)

    Right, so I just finished putting up all the Christmas decorations in my place, so I'm full of the mother-Seasonal-fucking-Spirit. I've also noticed a few of you have problems with Christmas, so how about this : we're all gonna be posting pics of the decorations around our houses and just...
  2. General-jwj

    Comic Book Thread

    So, I started buying comic books a couple of months back and I just thought I'd try nerding out a little and creating a general comic-book discussion thread. It started with the animated cartoons by DC, Batman, Teen Titans and Justice League. I started watching them again last summer and I...
  3. General-jwj

    Runescape Players

    Sooo ... I've seen a lot of critics online against this game but whatever, I started playing again recently after having neglected my account for a long time, and I'm looking to re-fill my friends list and maybe join a clan if anyone happens to have one handy and it's not too troublesome. I'm a...
  4. General-jwj

    Marneus the Western Dragon

    Warning : this is still a pretty bare-bones ref sheet, in my opinion, but I think I've reached a point where I have to try and post this to see what reaction it gets before I can go further. (and yes, this dude is a kinda self-insert...
  5. General-jwj

    Camera advice

    Weeell what's happening is this : I'm planning on making fan-films with some friends of mine without any prior film-making education or experience. So before I get anything done I need to know : which video camera would you recommend for an amateur short-film maker on a relatively tight budget...
  6. General-jwj

    Hello people

    I've been visiting furaffinity a couple of times recently and enjoyed it, so joining the forum seemed like the next logical step. About myself : I'm a 19 year old student in Biology from Belgium, and I have pretty common interests such as sci-fi, reading, video games, all sorts of rock and...