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  1. AuraPennyHorse

    ISO Male voice actor

    Nice^^ hopfully it will work out soon!
  2. AuraPennyHorse

    ISO Male voice actor

  3. AuraPennyHorse

    ISO Male voice actor

    Actually ive sent him a request on discord. Idk he will aaccept cuz he wont take messages from strangers. Though i did comment on the thread^^
  4. AuraPennyHorse

    Looking to voice act

    I have sent a friend request, im intereasted in ur voice^^ My discord is Arabponyhorse
  5. AuraPennyHorse

    ISO Male voice actor

    I want to try making an animatic of my story i am writing on wattpad. The intro to the story just needs to be read^^ Message me if u can! It needs to be recorded and emailed to me!
  6. AuraPennyHorse

    Request: Right Board

    Hey, im really bad at drawing furries.... But i could try? this is the only fullbody human-ish furry ive ever been able to do...
  7. AuraPennyHorse

    My Story, I want to get it out there

    I have a simple loop animation for halloween of the main character. Though i dont have a proper ref of him yet^^ Im not great at drawing wolves yet...
  8. AuraPennyHorse

    My Story, I want to get it out there

    This is a story I am working on. I want to animate it one day. It is not finished.... i only have ideas and characters. I will post the intro here, but the chapters are on my wattpad. I only have one so far. So, here it is, It is called The Abled We lived as the dominant species in a perfect...
  9. AuraPennyHorse

    Looking for help with a ref sheet

    my art is not great.... and im not so good at going off of descriptions, but i could try if u want^^ This is my ref of one of my characters
  10. AuraPennyHorse

    Any artists wanna partner with a writer?

    Ooh this is a great idea! id like to try though my art is not so great^^