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  1. Bakensobek

    Main Site Daylight saving time

    Or simply run on UTC. That clock never changes, and it is a standard around the world.
  2. Bakensobek


    'Neer said it is all for speed in one artist's journal. But I had something to say about that... "Then, a few months down the road, it will be back to square one. Sorry, but every time the mantra of "new hardware for speed" is played, I can't help but remember many years ago when I used to...
  3. Bakensobek

    FA site lag, timouts

    Also in Colorado here and it does the same thing. I decided to check also on my smartphone, and it seems to work fine at the same time my PC is having issues. As for the admins... that is fodder for some other day.
  4. Bakensobek

    Weird. Are the images loading slowly for you?

    And some of that went "whoosh!" over my head -- not everyone is a tech geek. Anyway, I still think it would had been better to take the site down for a day or two to bring it back to a usable state rather than letting it drag for days in a nearly unusable state that it is now.
  5. Bakensobek

    Weird. Are the images loading slowly for you?

    I'm not a computer genius, so this probably makes no sense to some, but... I'm wondering how they can rebuild the array at the same time people are uploading and adding stuff. Would make more sense to put the site in Read-only mode while the rebuilding is going on.
  6. Bakensobek

    Weird. Are the images loading slowly for you?

    I gave up on checking it up today. Hopefully it will work better tomorrow. :P
  7. Bakensobek

    the times are changin'

    Something is probably not set up right somewhere. I live in Mountain Time Zone, and I always saw the posting time as two hours ahead, for which I assumed that the server was running on Eastern Time. After the update, I noticed that postings were on the same time I am. I checked the settings on...
  8. Bakensobek

    Generated Art, Renderers and Sprites

    I just want clarifications, which were not provided on *THIS* thread, which is what I am interested in and concerned about. I know of the owner's distaste for Poser, so I want to be sure. And I can read, write and speak in two languages at a native-speaker level, thank you very much, which is...
  9. Bakensobek

    Generated Art, Renderers and Sprites

    The critical word is "CONTAIN". As in, submissions containing pre-made elements. By that definition, my submissions would violate the AUP, even if said elements are not the focus of the picture. Maybe FA should rename itself "FA! Gallery". Their rules are starting to sound as draconian as that...
  10. Bakensobek

    Generated Art, Renderers and Sprites

    It's not a threat; it's the actual position I am in. I really suck at drawing backgrounds, so I use Poser to create some for my drawings. If I can't use them, then I would have nothing to post other than sketches.
  11. Bakensobek

    Generated Art, Renderers and Sprites

    How about using a rendering program to create a background to be used for a drawing? If that is not allowed, I may as well stop posting here.
  12. Bakensobek

    New Gallery Not Displaying Right?

    Is that how it is supposed to look? Because on my browser it doesn't look like that at all. Only one big thumbnail with all the others located one right below the other. Cache cleared and still looks like dung. :P Windows and Firefox 3.0.5, if anyone wants to know.
  13. Bakensobek

    "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    I've been waiting for FA to come back up so I can start taking requests for art and stuff. In a way, I'm glad it's gonna take one more day. My "weekend" from work starts tomorrow, so once I get home from work I'll be able to start catching up with what was posted during my (censored) trip to...
  14. Bakensobek

    Server Hardware Fault

    Forgive me if I'm being a bit dense/ignorant, but then why keep buying crappy hardware? By the time all is said and done, you guys will end up spending more by continuing to replace hardware than if some good solution had been installed in the first place. Many years ago, there was a bleach...
  15. Bakensobek

    Frequent 502's and Database responded: Too many connections!

    Yep. The 500. It's not Sparta! It's FAAAAAAAAA! :P
  16. Bakensobek

    Account hacking

    I changed mine not long ago, but then it was a rather short mix of numbers and letters. I changed it yesterday to such a long string I hope it is impervious to any attempts to have a computer guess it.
  17. Bakensobek

    Account hacking

    The last couple days I have seen two people on my Watch list get their accounts hacked -- first it was SpiritRaptor, now Agro. Is this the same bug that was caused by the submission deletion problem? I much rather have to pester an admin to delete something than have some a$$holes get the...