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  1. CardielYFiccion

    [Animated short-film project] Cyberspace Protection Force

    "Cyberspace Protection Force" will be a five minute animated short film that will narrate the adventures of Nat, Kate, Boris and Lloyd, whose mission is to keep the cyberspace safe from any threats. Inspired by the good, old saturday morning cartoons, with traditional, frame by frame animation...
  2. CardielYFiccion

    Far From A Kingdom - New Webcomic

    Hi everyone! I´m glad to share with you my new webcomic "Far From A Kingdom", a story about a young fox who wants to become a knight, it´s a medieval type story of friendship and adventure. www.theduckwebcomics.com: Far From A Kingdom on The Duck : Page Duties, part 4
  3. CardielYFiccion

    [Book] "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio"

    Hi everyone! I just want to share with you my new book titled "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio", is a short novel of comedy, drama and science fiction. Also, I have a site where I have uploaded lots of furry stories and sagas (spanish), you might want to check it out as well. Have a nice day...