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  1. EmoWolf

    Photography: Where To Start

    Okay, I think I've found another interest. (as if ogling over computer hardware wasn't enough!) So I want to learn more about photography. As in, I want to get into it. I'm definitely not planning to get into the professional level, but it seems like the kind of hobby I'd be interesting in...
  2. EmoWolf

    Oh great, we're on digg.... >>

    Though the pictures in the article of okay (sort of), I think the comments on the digg itself are somewhat.... interesting. http://digg.com/odd_stuff/The_Furry_Convention_Descends_on_Denver_w_pics I'd love to see an "emo" or "4chan" article up the front page.
  3. EmoWolf

    white collars

    Okay, I have been thinking of getting a white leather collar, but I have a question. Are they hard to clean/maintain?
  4. EmoWolf

    Animal based apps

    An odd coincidence I found. On my desktop, 4 of 12 icons had an animal of some sort as the program's "mascot", as you will. Amorak for my music enormous music collection. Firefox, which should be required by federal law on every compputer manufactured. :p Pidgin, my MSN replacement. (Which...
  5. EmoWolf

    best game intros

    you know, the ones before the start menu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTFLRhV2vI8 I don't think any game to date has done better than that. When I was a little kid, I would watch this on my uncle's ps1 over and over, I was like "How did they do that!?"
  6. EmoWolf

    your nicknames

    do you have any nicknames irl? Either my friends call me by my real name, Twilight, or Werewolf. I know, it's strange the looks people give me; "What did she just call you?" "Werewolf" "O_o"
  7. EmoWolf

    How's my first-person feral view?

    Here's a preview.... My paws softly thudded against the ground, and the forest was a green blur. Any animal in my way would immediately move, not wanting to be within range of the claws that could end their lives in a single clawing. And they were smart for thinking that, because there wasn't...
  8. EmoWolf

    I did something really stupid... xD

    Okay, so I'm in writing class, and the new assignment is that we each receive a picture cut out of a magazine. We then had to write a story about the picture. Strangely I got a picture of a wolf (Yay!), and I just started writing. We all eventually turned it in, and the day after that the...
  9. EmoWolf

    ridiculous things in rpg's.

    1. All of your party members wears the same clothes. Those clothes must smell really bad after beating Bahamut. 2. Unlimited inventory. Where do they keep the stuff? In real life, most people would have problems, carrying around 3 swords, let alone 50 swords, 15 potions, 13 bows, etc... 3. The...
  10. EmoWolf

    What browser do you use

    Yup, just a simple, informational poll. :D
  11. EmoWolf

    Stories for vampires

    if I were to upload a story for one on the main site, what category would I put it under? Mind you, its about Alucard. :P
  12. EmoWolf

    favorite snacks.

    what's your favorite snacks? Actually, I'm eating Pop Tarts and hot chocolate right now. :D Try that right now, and tell me that you don't feel nice and fuzzy. See, its impossible to not feel great with Pop Tarts. ;p
  13. EmoWolf

    Post your Wallpaper.

    Yup, just plain and simple here. Oh, and nothing that will get this closed. http://img204.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rszbaredteethgreywolfer4.jpg Don't you dare touch my screen...
  14. EmoWolf

    FF XIII site is online!

    look at it in full screen mode, its bliss (bottom right corner option, under sound) *plays site music in background* http://www.square-enix.co.jp/fabula/ff13/
  15. EmoWolf

    how do i tell my parents i'm furry?

    I'm sure they wouldn't care about it too much, but the hard part is just getting over the fact I would be exposing my secret. What should I tell them? I just can't find the right things to say, and I hate hiding it. :( Can anybody help me out here?
  16. EmoWolf

    New FF XIII scans!

    So, its about time you've released something, Square. Why don't you release the game next? :P Afro Nest http://kotaku.com/photogallery/ff13vjump/1006174865 Demo Stuff (Bundled w/ Japan's FF VII AC Complete or something) http://kotaku.com/photogallery/ff13vjump/1006174870 Battle Scans...
  17. EmoWolf

    collar at HT?

    are the ones they sell over there any good?
  18. EmoWolf

    little thing for school *warning 56K users*

    Yeah, I was cleaning up my pc, and I found this lying around. Oh, and if you are into bears, sorry! :P it's sort of long, so it beware My paws softly thudded against the ground, and the forest was a green blur. Any animal in my way would immediately move, not wanting to be within range of...
  19. EmoWolf

    Boxxy; Annoying or Cute

    Its an interesting catch-22, if you ask me.
  20. EmoWolf

    if you woke up as your furry...

    what would be the first thing you would do? I would run to the nearest forest and leave humanity behind. Then I'd celebrate with cookies! (Sorry if this is overdone, but I'm kind of new to this stuff.)