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  1. Spazzlez

    Looking Around for a Good Maker (Not Buying as of Yet)

    Hello, I am currently just browsing around, looking for prices and other necessary information on reliable fursuit makers. Beyond that, I'm looking for people that mostly do good with making a more punk/grunge look to their suits. I specify that as it is what my character is like and supposed...
  2. Spazzlez

    FAM! PLS!

    Now I know most of you are nice kind souls. However, it has come to my attention that there is some pretty sad sods in this fandom. These folks are what actually give this fandom a bad name. One of my friends in the fandom (who is 13 I tell you.) recently was chatting with another furry (who is...
  3. Spazzlez

    Spazzlez updated appearance

    www.furaffinity.net: Spazzlez updated by Spazzlez
  4. Spazzlez

    Tips for dating?

    Well you know what they say? Ask the awkward antisocial for love advice! Jokes aside, I was wondering if any of you lovely bastards got any tips. (P.s. This is not the first place I've asked, just so you know.)
  5. Spazzlez

    Spazzlez first drawings

    Here's my first REAL drawings of Spazzlez, my fursona!
  6. Spazzlez

    Kamusta, to you all.

    Well even though I have been on here for a while, I just figured out how to use this forum. So to those who clicked on this, thank you! So I am a jackal/deer hybrid, the reason behind that is odd but, it has something dealing with my parents relationship. I like to draw and write, and have been...