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  1. louijanaa

    (Commission) Selling: SEDONA’S COMMS - SALE ON REFS AND ICONS

    Please check my website for prices of all my commissions (Warning, nsfw examples included)! Below I will list specific sales that are going on and update regularly. Click here for my website! my twitter SALES REFERENCE SHEETS - 50$ You will get: A .png and editable .psd file of the...
  2. louijanaa

    (Commission) Selling: Sedona’s Art Sales (pixel art, ref sheets, sketch pages)

    Hi! I do commissions, sfw and nsfw! Please check out my examples and pricing here: https://sedona.carrd.co/ if you want to browse my FA, it’s here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/uoneko/ or twitter: https://twitter.com/louijanaa To reach out about commissions, please message me any...
  3. louijanaa


    LOUIJANAA ARTS ADOPTABLES Hi! I'm selling some adoptables. I love creating characters and making interesting, simple, iconic designs which communicate more with less. Making adoptables with care, to create interesting characters from them, is a passion I would love to pursue. That being said...