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  1. Rhee

    Help! Trying to tape/fur a resin head

    you'll want to measure how much you can open the jaw, then replicate that when you cover the head with tape, I use a spool of thread to keep the swa open while taping. Then after you tap you draw out were you'd like to have seams, I normally have a the nose part fan out over the forehead and...
  2. Rhee


    Ah no I actually drive a giant weenie; that's why i was confused
  3. Rhee


    driving has hamburgers involved? I must be doing it wrong
  4. Rhee

    Your Opinion on Churches

    Architecturally speaking I love churches especially ones that have the gothic and romanesque influences; I like to visit and see the places of worship and respect other's churches and temples. as for the people within, or the messages they speak... not so much; but my experience has been roman...
  5. Rhee

    What do YOU think should be in a reference sheet?

    front to back and possible a profile view if you've got complex markings
  6. Rhee

    What do YOU think should be in a reference sheet?

    3-4 views of the head two views of the body pawpads and wings if needed. Expressions are helpful when you're commissioning tags
  7. Rhee

    How Do You Hollow Out Expanding Foam Heads?

    Something sharp and is easily resharpened, I use a box cutter, scissors, and that electric knife that one would use on a turkey. Though I've never worked with the cast foam heads, it shouldn't be to hard just messy.
  8. Rhee

    Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017

    megaplexcon.org: The Hotel: Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista South | Megaplex Anthropomorphic Convention it's in kissimmee so I guess if you have the time and the funds you could enjoy the magic kingdom, though it would be a longer drive since its further from the airport and ugh; Not really...
  9. Rhee

    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of immature people in this fandom and think that others should help them out for a luxury items. the kicker is when they find out they don't like fursuiting, I want to reach across cyberspace and slap them with my mucus tail. :I
  10. Rhee

    Mediocre accomplishments to be proud of

    I woke up, ready to go back and wait hours at the tag agency only to be told I have something wrong, even though I checked last time. :L
  11. Rhee

    The best part about being a (insert fursona species here)

    the best thing about being a hagfish is, literally being moist 24/7
  12. Rhee

    First fox head critique?

    the forehead needs some work, it's hard to tell on the profile since it's not a true 'profile' the camera si shooting down at the head. but it looks like you could smooth out the muzzle to cheek area
  13. Rhee

    Not New but Hello Nonetheless

    I'm envious of your plant mastery, I hope you enjoy the plentiful bounty.
  14. Rhee

    How can I get more people to follow me?

    I see nipple spikes, but the quality is incredibly bad and some of them actually hurt my eyes. is there a way you can scan the art in?
  15. Rhee

    Not New but Hello Nonetheless

    I am told home grown tomatoes are the best, but I am not a tomato person :/ thats cool though, are you planning to branch out?
  16. Rhee

    Why do people hate being thanked for faves and watches?

    thinking someone actually wants to talk to you and finding that. Eh it's quite disappointing actually
  17. Rhee

    Not New but Hello Nonetheless

    Ah I have a rosemary bush, but it flourishes because I leave it alone So compared with the ingredients at the supermarket do yours taste better?
  18. Rhee

    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    people trying to get on disability so they can use the disability check to get them a fursuit :I
  19. Rhee

    Not New but Hello Nonetheless

    I recall the orange tree I used to have, it was a pain in the butt to do all that maintenance in the summer, but when it fruited it was worth it several times over. What do you grow?
  20. Rhee

    Not New but Hello Nonetheless

    interesting fursona, I'm guessing you have a green thumb?