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  1. xdontyoufakeit

    What do you look for in an artist?

    Hey everyone! I know this question looks too broad or confusing but I wonder what goes on the mind of people who follow and/or buy from artists. Of course there are some obvious reasons like those who reply fast and are kind. What are those things that make you follow an artist? The way they...
  2. xdontyoufakeit

    (Commission) Selling: Pokemon + sona or Pokemon - Old school style: $15 or $10

    - Unlimited slots - Additional Pokemon in the same picture: $5 - Trainer can be your fursona, human self, an existing Pokemon trainer/gym leader or any other OC you prefer - Pokemon can be an official pokemon or an OC pokemon - Pokemon can be made in my style, which is more realistic (like the...
  3. xdontyoufakeit

    Free Art: Taking requests for half body commissions

    Hey everyone! I would like to open half body commissions in the future but I need some practice. Here's my gallery if you want to check it out: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/xdontyoufakeit I will be taking 5 requests, so first come first serve! Finished art will be in color, uploaded to...
  4. xdontyoufakeit

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Portrait $5 full color

    Hello everyone! My commissions are open for portraits. I work traditional, watercolors and inks. Here's an example of what you can get: More examples and previous commissions are available in my FA gallery. You can get a 500x500 file or 1080x1080 if you wish so. Payment is made upon...
  5. xdontyoufakeit

    Hello! Nice to meet you all

    Hey there! I have been in FA for some weeks while the forums were down, so I thought it was a good time to introduce myself here. I am a traditional artist (ink and watercolors are my main skills) from South America who is mostly a Digimon fan and loves drawing creatures of all types though I...