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  1. Dront12

    The Art of Dront Artist Guild Enjoy!

    Hey People, Hello, For Clarification, im founder and manager of my own team of Russians Rookies that i help introduce on Western and as i see its not bad to show Their Arts, So Let me Please Share with you, Our Best Works Nite Marco Suicide Gek Ymymy Skvor Drawfox Yuyaly...
  2. Dront12

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts Sale!~ (40$)

    ★ Payment can be made in both USD and EUR (1$=1€) ★ Adopt
  3. Dront12

    Webcomic: Adventures of Martha and Liza ( Reptile Anthro Mutant Girl)

    Helo everyone, i want to present my main webcomics, The Story tells about Genius but a bit asperger autistic Woman - Named Martha Crowford, that tries to create a formula to regenerate her missed Arm, but she's too rush to test it on herself and thats caused of her alter ego Liza is...
  4. Dront12

    Hi I'm new at forum

    Hello everyone, Im new at this forum part of Furrafunity, howdy, maybe you heard about me as Dront on main site ?
  5. Dront12

    Super Team Sales

    Hello everyone, im manager of biggest team of artist my artists lookin for customers we can draw anything you wish in any style you want and prices are very very fair ! just look at pricelist furry humans robots comics
  6. Dront12

    [Open YCH] - Paws Licking

    ere we go, one more ych, this time is about Liking Paws NOTES: By Default this is Feet of my Lizard( HE HAVE A STINKY FEET) And if you dont want to change this Feet Then you need Pay only 15$ for character who Licking OR IF YOU WANT TO CHOOSE ANY ANOTHER FEET. Then you need pay +10$ ANY GENDER...
  7. Dront12

    Super Team Commission

    Hello There, Me and my team lookin for any types of commissions there you can see our prices Userpage of dront -- Fur Affinity [dot] net welco
  8. Dront12


    Im Rookie in this forum Name: Nathan Im into Paw fetish, Cute Things, Transformations ) Who wanna talking ?
  9. Dront12

    Commission by Supero Team

    Hello there, My name is Natha, and my team of artists looking for clients. Low prices, Good quality and we can draw ANY things Userpage of dront -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. Dront12

    Webcomics:Liza and Martha Adventuers

    Hello there I want to introduce you. My comics. This comic about my character - Martha. She is a scientist in the field of biology and genetic engineering. Her lab wanted to take possession of its formula allows to grow lost limbs. Her serum he poisoned hoping that she would die. Instead, she...
  11. Dront12

    Toes Interlock YCH

    I made interesting idea for this ) now 3 left ! www.furaffinity.net: YCH - Interlock Toes by Dront
  12. Dront12


    Hello everyone, here I open my website dedicated to the topic of the comic book character Already have a first exemplary page Liza http://d.facdn.net/art/dront/1408646206/1408646206.dront_lizardwoman01.png