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  1. LazyNightChaos

    (Commission) Selling: Halloween Sale ($6+) - Icons, Headshots, and more!

    Halloween Sale of 15% for any Halloween/Spooky commission! Please check out my * CARRD * for any questions and more examples.
  2. LazyNightChaos

    Looking To Practice

    Oh, I like his werewolf form! Will keep him in mind for sure!
  3. LazyNightChaos

    Looking To Practice

    Been out of touch and once more trying to get back into the groove of things since I've got some time. Won't guarantee or promise a piece, but is there anyone out there with some characters they wouldn't mind receiving art of? :p I prefer to draw monsters, wolves/wolf-like, and am trying to get...
  4. LazyNightChaos

    Social media/art platforms

    It's definitely easier to put yourself out there on Insta compared to DeviantArt, FA, InkBunny,etc - at least from my experience. Only complaint is it makes images look like garbage sometimes (like Twitter). Though each site will have its own downfalls.
  5. LazyNightChaos

    Critique Request!

    I agree with Punji. A bit more muscle to the thigh, calf, and ankle would help the flow of your WIP. It looks like you might have put the elbow bend a bit high on the arm on the left. If you moved it down a smidge and bulked up the spot where the bend was, it should mirror the other side more...
  6. LazyNightChaos

    Anxiety around art

    I feel the saying "You are your own worst critic" is especially true for artists. We strive for perfection and never want to leave someone unhappy with something they came directly to us for. I mean, we're already excited they came to US out of all their other options and don't want to...