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  1. Cyberdragon

    My First Attempt at NSFW

    I looking for a someone to critique my first attempt at NSFW (DM me). It's not much, but I want to know if it's a step in the right direction. All my stuff will be dragon related, either with characters from my world or random people from that world. I started with a basic ovi scene as I thought...
  2. Cyberdragon

    Explicit Bits vs Drama

    I'm new to NSFW writing, so I want to know how the community generally likes it. I just finished the dirty part of my first one (edit, almost two pages now of 12 point. Extremely explicit.) and am wondering whether to continue with the normal part of the story or separate it. I personally don't...
  3. Cyberdragon

    A Nerdy Dragon Has Arrived

    I've been a member of the main website (tdog442) since early last year, thought I'd finally bite the bullet and come here. Not exactly shy (already have 3 furry friends), but just didn't know what I would talk about since I'm terrible at art. I do like writing though (whether I'm good is...