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    Design Advice?

    Recently I feel like I finally settled on what my fursona species is going to be but I'm not sure about how to design it. It's going to be a hybrid of a sea horse and the other half is going to be a spectacle bear. But the main problem I'm having designing my fursona is the sea horse part, I was...
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    Hybrid Fursona Help?

    Hello I finally settled on a species for my Fursona, a Bear! But I share multiple traits with different species of Bear and not just one or I like the features on other Bears like the muzzle of a American Black Bear. I was just wondering how to blend the different Bear species into one so it...
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    Hello I just joined!

    Hello my name is FizzDarksight but you can call me Fizz or Fizzy. I like animals,gaming,movies,drawing,music,mythology,cultures,history,and learning. I dislike insects,spiders,perfume,and hot weather. Right now I don't have a Fursona but I'm working on it. I'm stuck on step one picking the...