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  1. florance the fox

    do foxes chase their tail?

    i was wondering this after i saw is it true or was it made up for in this ?
  2. florance the fox

    kitsune hoodie (NOT MY ORIGINAL IDEA!!)

    wanted to see how this looks hope they're good enough
  3. florance the fox

    challenge: make you fursona into a bot/android

    i thought i would test you guys to see your creactivity so here's my challenge: try to draw your fursona as a robot or android here is an example of this (character and art is not mine) so do your best and have fun with this! (bonus point if you can think of a story...
  4. florance the fox

    why is scp wiki confusing

    i'm just trying to post an scp man and i cant
  5. florance the fox

    SCP- 686-PK the yarnmon (my own scp/pokemon) cirtque

    (this is my frist SCP so pls dont be agressive critque would be nice ty!)i wanted to make my SCP/pokemon/ furry species it looks like a ball of yarn but it has... "tranformitive powers" it stabs into your spine and creates tails claws and maws made of yarn preicing any outer layer that prevent...
  6. florance the fox

    Pokemon rp.... but

    this will be a pokemon rp you can be trainer or pokemon... but each month they'll be a different quirk that happens to the world. this quirk can be anything as along as it's discussed by me. the location can be anywhere as long as everyone is there i will dicuss more detail to all who are...
  7. florance the fox

    pedator vs prey

    i think this got taken down but... +1 preds -1 prey first to 20 wins
  8. florance the fox

    looking for a sfw tf rp (about istralas)

    hey there looking to roleplay with anyone who likes istralas and transformations so come down if your interest
  9. florance the fox

    anyone want some hugs?

    i know it may not be much... but i giving out digital hugs for people wether you having a good day or not so come down and get some hugs!
  10. florance the fox

    pokemon rp

    looking for someone who want to rp with pokemon. no 18 + please
  11. florance the fox

    Q and A for my characters

    may change characters constantly so please put the name of the character for now though i will stick with one and that will be my current icon... toy spring tails. this is my character for five nights at sonics... (not cannon to series) but come ask them anything (you may ask me questions too...
  12. florance the fox


    looking to rp sometimes i wont be on but any rp that's not 18+ is fine so please pm me for details and have a good day! :)
  13. florance the fox

    fnaf/pokemon rp

    i couldn't find the other rp i did so this is something new so no 18+ stuff please
  14. florance the fox

    .EXEs fursonas

    ok who has a fursona that's an exe?
  15. florance the fox

    drawing poeple as sonic character

    List for now fox hedgehog (possibly) wolf bunny bat cat dog
  16. florance the fox

    want to make a origin story for my fursona

    i need some ideas anyone got any?
  17. florance the fox

    wanting to chat with other furries

    EVERYFUR CHAT UP A STORM www.furaffinity.net: Florance the folf ref by florance-the-fox (this is my fursona )chat as youself or your fursona i don't mind just no sex or 18+ please other than that Go right in
  18. florance the fox

    anyone want to rp?

    rules no sex or 18+ ok anything else is ok for now
  19. florance the fox

    Thinking about comission someone any suggestions and tips?

    i wants to comission someone to make a fursuit of my fursona anyone you guys you can suggest and tips for comissions?