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  1. fernshiine

    Need advice on an anxious kitty! <3

    Hi guys! I haven't been on recently because I've been busy with a lot of life stuff. One thing that's been going on, in particular, is I'm planning on moving to the Rockies with my bf, which is where he currently resides. It's a 16-hour drive from where my family lives now (nothing I haven't...
  2. fernshiine

    (Commission) Selling: LF Consistent Clients To Make Art For

    Hello guys, I'm back on the forums! I've been wanting more than ever to have a few consistent clients who can help me through hard times and help enhance my hobbies and art skills through commissioning me! I am a small artist and I have been trying to improve my skills lately and I am hoping to...
  3. fernshiine

    Are townhouses or condos nice?

    I was looking at houses for rent and sale in my area and in cheaper areas (since this is out of our price range, this town, and isn't even worth living here since people are generally snobbish, even getting mad at the town and refusing their proposal for affordable housing), and I saw an...
  4. fernshiine

    I Have Officially Retired From Writing Commissions!

    I have decided to retire from writing commissions and honestly, I am the happiest I've been in a while! I always had people who were obsessive with the writing commissions, not letting me take a breather and messaging my every five minutes (exaggeration, BUT) "How long?" One guy messaged me six...
  5. fernshiine

    Any good speed paints?

    I spent the day working on writing commissions and now I’m kinda tired. I’d love to see some speed paints from y’all! I don’t have any right now unfortunately, aside from an old embarrassing private one on my older YouTube account
  6. fernshiine

    $25 USD Writing Commissions

    I'm opening commissions once more to save for the Switch! Once I'm done this writing commission batch I'm working on now I will work on any other that come my way! Types Of Commissions I Do: -Short stories -Articles Rules: - I work better with full freedom of creativity! If you want to give me...
  7. fernshiine

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $25 USD Dutch Angel Dragon Adopt (Help Fernshiine Get The Nintendo Switch Adopt #1)

    Base here Hi! I still don't have nearly enough to get the switch so would y'all help a gal out and adopt this babe? Comment below and once I accept I will send you my PayPal and all the files! Other Info: {Name} is a black dutch angel dragon with a pale purple underbelly and dark purple...
  8. fernshiine

    Show Me Your Simplistic or Beginner Art!

    Okay so I see a lot of people here have a wayyyy more developed art style, one that is way more professional and realistic. While I love looking at that type of art, I sorta want to see more simplistic and beginner art styles, or digital artists who don't have super complex art. Something like...
  9. fernshiine

    $25 NSFW + SFW Short Story Interest Check and Tell Me Some Ideas For Plots You'd Like To Buy!

    Hello guys! I have my hands full from my commissions so I can't accept more, but I'm saving up for the Nintendo Switch purely from writing alone and I have decided to sell short stories for $25 each. People who will buy these will be getting this specific batch of short stories exclusively and...
  10. fernshiine

    Doctor's Appointment Update!!

    Here's an update regarding me needing assistance financially and medically from my doctor. We went to see my doctor this morning and we discussed my anxiety mixed with migraines and fatigue. I talked to her about how worse they've been getting this past year and she said that she could give me...
  11. fernshiine

    Procreate Animating

    Does anyone use Procreate to animate anything? It doesn't have an option for audio, which is one downside, but it looks competent to do some wicket animating. That being said I have no idea how to do different layers while animating on there, lol
  12. fernshiine

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (3/3 OPEN) Feline Adoptables! $3-$10

    Hello! Before I start, I just want to credit Panicbasket for this epic base. I love their style! I might not be using this base much since I want to utilize all sorts of bases to raise awareness for the artists who created them. www.deviantart.com/panicbasket (link to base artist!) Anyway, now...
  13. fernshiine

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set price adopts (Feline)

    (Watermarked out of habit! Will send buyers the unwatermarked version of their character) Eve- $5 USD Gender: Female Personality: Eve is a cat who is practically only happy when she is outside. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and just napping by a warm campfire. Her favorite food is cooked deer...
  14. fernshiine

    Where Are Other Good Websites To Advertise/Sell Writing Coms?

    Between FA and DA, I get enough writing commissions to last me for a while. I am working on my own book but I want to build a following through free stories and commissions on various platforms. What other websites are good for this? I find Wattpad is good for publishing free stuff but nearly...
  15. fernshiine

    Is There Something Wrong With Me?

    So lately I've been at ease more, despite the sh*tty housing situation where we have to live with my grandmother. Nothing against her, but the house is too small so most of our items are in storage. But I realized I'm not into buying things I don't need a lot of the time. Like, I used to want...
  16. fernshiine

    Taking 20 Requests (1 per person!!!)

    Okay, you heard the title. I have a lot of crap on my mind and I need to distract myself by drawing. So I'll be taking requests to practice with my style. I specialize in feral but I can attempt anthro. Humans...not yet. And yeah it might take a while cuz 20 slots but gimme some refs
  17. fernshiine

    People Who Live Rural: What's It Like?

    Hello guys! The most affordable houses where I live are out in rural areas, which got me thinking: what's it like living out away from big cities and towns? My boyfriend wants us to move to a rural area, perhaps, one day, but I'm curious to know what it's like. I wouldn't mind it myself but I...
  18. fernshiine

    Advice For Getting My Yorkie To Like My Cats Again?

    Okay, so this is gonna be a long clusterfrick of a story but I want to explain the entire thing and my cats so here it goes: I lived my whole life up to about age 13 or 14 or so in a small house in the country. When I was 4 or 5 we got a cat named Mitten. He is and always has been a...
  19. fernshiine

    Commission Setup Help On Main Site

    I really want to know how to add a profile to the commissions I want to set up. I'm somewhat new to FA and even though I've started setting up my coms, I still have no clue really how to add the image to any of them lol. If you can help that would be very much appreciated!
  20. fernshiine

    Cheap (50-2,000) DA Point Writing Commissions CLOSED

    Hello guys, I'm opening up writing commissions as of today. Before we delve into things, here are some examples of stuff I've written: https://www.wattpad.com/story/204457532-underfell-sans-x-frisk https://www.quotev.com/story/12543633/Burden...