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  1. Loganw314

    Oculus quest: VR chat

    I just got an oculus VR headset and while looking for furry-friendly/related games and while playing VR chat, I saw you can make your avatar a furry. Then I saw there was a whole server named "Furhub" soooooo I was wondering if anyone here plays that? Or has a VR headset? I ask because I...
  2. Loganw314

    Psychedelics and art

    anybody ever create artwork that was inspired by a psychedelic "trip." i only ask because alot of famous artist were, and my friend used to paint on mushrooms and it was amazing he sold out at art festivals. i am not an artist and bad at art so thats why im asking other artists
  3. Loganw314

    how many of you smoke?

    How many people within the furry fandom also "use" marijuana (smoke, eat, etc.) whether its for medical or recreational use. if this thread exists already i apologize and will delete it, just let me know. i searched but couldn't find one. so let me know if i missed them.
  4. Loganw314

    anyone in stl?

    i have no friends in real life who are furries so i thought id see if anyone lives in st. louis!
  5. Loganw314

    Super new to fandom

    Hey trying to make this quick....I am not great with the internet, I'm trying to get into fursuiting and going to cons snd stuff, like im starting to get depressed because I live somewhere where nobody even knows what a furry is.....soooooo if ANYONE can help me with a few basic things, like...