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  1. Jesie

    Problem with tails twisting.

    I swear to god, every goddamned time I sew a tail, the damn thing twists on me. It's a problem that has pledged me for a while now. When I make small tails for the kids in my family, they're fine, but when I make larger tails for costumers, they always seem to start twisting in one direction or...
  2. Jesie

    Commission Jesie because she needs money to repair her shit.

    I need to take commissions to help fix the 'EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS BREAKING' problems I have.. or have been having.. So really, business as usual. I make these fabulous aviator ear flap hats which I'm selling for just starting at 20 bucks each depending on sophistication of your character...
  3. Jesie


    Jesie is upset her tablet is a steaming pile of shit. Janks is upset Jesie never draws him. Both are upset in general. SO SOMEONE DRAW THESE SEXY BITCHES. (you can draw our mutated baby freak too if you'd like :3)
  4. Jesie

    Super Angry Icons and Badges!

    You heard correct! For the low low price of only Five Dollars YOU can be the proud owner of a new SUPER ANGRY Icon! For only Five Dollars More, you can have yourself a Fine, fully colored, laminated badge WITH Name And clip for just TEN DOLLARS! Attract customers to your business, Make a...
  5. Jesie

    Angry Alligator Artwork

    Ahhh yes! It's that time again! Commission time You fools! So get out your khaki shorts and let's wrangle us up some artworks! To contact me for a commission: PM me at my FA account: Jesie or email me at alligatorjesie(at)gmail.com Sketched work: - I don't do sketches Inked work: $20.00...
  6. Jesie

    Furries wearing real fur

    I just seen a fucker selling coyote tails on FA and goddammit, I just wanted to slap the silly bitch with my internet cock. I thought being a furry meant you loved animals. I mean obviously. A group of people who draw themselves as animals/dress up as animals/what-have you. How's wearin' ther...
  7. Jesie

    Alligatory Suit WIP

    This is all I got so far: I've put some fabric on it since I've took these photos, just not uploaded them yet. Nothing fancy, just felt like fabric. It has seams showing... Guess that's what I get for using none furry fabric. ಠ_ಠ The jaw and top are not attached. I attempted to do this...
  8. Jesie

    Cheap colored commissions Madness!

    LOLI'MBACK Helllllo World! You heard it straight from the gator's mouth! I'm ready to pimp my stuff out to anyone who wants it! That's right! I'm whoring my artwork out for the low low price of 2 bucks a drawing! Yer artwork will be: Full body sized. No 'Just head shots'. No 'Itty...
  9. Jesie

    Taking commission

    They are indeed PAID Commissions however, I'm cheap, so it's not alot. Only a few bucks for a avatar. Larger drawings, more money. Link to some of my work: http://heros-shadow.deviantart.com/ http://mighty-mice.deviantart.com/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mighty-mice/ Background cost more...
  10. Jesie


    As so I can later gnaw them out.... I am Jesie. I also go by 'Neko' but for sanity and the inevitable wall of text that would occur, Let's just go with 'Jesie'. I've come to the conclusion I'm a Alligator. As my friend Devilduk cannot draw people and seems to draw Neko in my place it's...