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  1. BeauJayWolffo47

    Been meaning to check back in for a while-

    So, I was rather active her for my first two months after joining the fur Community, but I didn't have access to a computer as much and when I did I put it off, but to keep this short, i came back to hopefully find some new friends to chat about, play some forums games, and maybe reconnect with...
  2. BeauJayWolffo47

    Been a while..

    So I havent been on the forums in a while but... a lot has happened since then... but thought i'd check in and say im alright.. for the most part but i always could use some new friends.. so anyways.. thought i'd add a update .. Also feel like this is furry related so i put it here..?
  3. BeauJayWolffo47

    Collectors of Hotwheels, etc?

    Alright so I know there’s a thread for Car enthusiasts however I feel like I’ll start this as I’m a huge fan of collecting hot wheels and other toy cars in general just curious if anyone else here was into them I’ll include some pictures later If anyone is interested or if this Thread gets...
  4. BeauJayWolffo47

    Need some people to chat with tbh..

    Alright so if anyone who’s been around For about a month I think I’ve been around the forums and made my rounds enough to get recognized atleast.. however I’m gonna put this post here and say I’m always willing to chat with someone and would LOVE to have some more people to consistently talk...
  5. BeauJayWolffo47

    A lonely wolffo? *Ill try not to sound like I’m venting*

    Alright so no clue where to put this or where it belongs or heck if I should say this at all BUT here I am.. Alrighty so I’ve never dated till the beginning of this year and well... it hurts cuz I’m giving long distance a chance cuz no one near me interests me.. I’m not writing this for sympathy...
  6. BeauJayWolffo47

    Welp time for my 1 month report?

    alrighty! Officially been here a month! Over 300 comments and likes later I feel like I’ve settled in well made some furry and not so furry friends! I appreciate you all and hope to get to know y’all better in the future! Until then, Thank y’all for being so kind to this southern wolffo c:
  7. BeauJayWolffo47

    Wolves of FAF! And a owl...

    ok so uhh I know wolves are super common in the community but maybe thought I’d make a thread for all of us to do our wolf things in or uhh whatever cuz ya know packs? Bottom line is stop by and greet your fellow wolf! And One Able Fur
  8. BeauJayWolffo47

    Your Favorite meat?

    Alright So as Someone who mostly eats meat the Lack of Favorite meat is lacking so I start a Post! Me Personally? I love all sortas of meat but I only love Filet when it comes to Steak And I do love bacon.. Ofc And hey when it comes to game? I love Deer... *Almost funny aint it*
  9. BeauJayWolffo47

    Anyone Here like Vaporwave?

    So uhh I discovered Vaporwave like last year and find it to be a underrated genre just thought i'd see how many people are into it.. I find it super 80s and Chill
  10. BeauJayWolffo47

    Favorite Pop songs/artists From the 70s and 80s?

    Alright So I love finding 80s and 70s songs But like atm I'm Really into like Madonna for some reason. Other than that I Love One Way or Another By Blondie, Almost anything by Steve Miller Band, Billy Joel Heck i could go on.. Hero By Bonnie Tyler hypes me up and so does like Eye of the Tiger...
  11. BeauJayWolffo47

    Being more Active.. and stuff

    So uhh I just made a post but thought I'd put this here cuz it's Furry related I guess? So I've personally been trying to be less hesitant to post on the forums cuz I love getting to know y'all! So it only took me like... 17 days to actually get to the point where I Personally feel like I'm no...
  12. BeauJayWolffo47

    First 17 days of the forums

    so I did something like this for my first week but thought I’d do it again cuz well I’m trying to get comfortable posting stuff.. but to keep this short I really have adopted this community and I’m quite fond of it even with its few toxic sides... but it’s really been nice to Interact and make...
  13. BeauJayWolffo47

    Being a bit different...

    Alright So I've been thinking about this a lot since I've officially joined the furry community but didn't know if I wanted to post it but to keep it short I For some reason feel like I'm just so much different than the average furry and have no clue why.. I just feel like a outlier and had to...
  14. BeauJayWolffo47

    My Character Designs!

    Alright So, I posted this before but in the wrong section (Whoops) But I would love some help with some Character designs! All I have are some basic typed out descriptions.. But I Would love someone to help me bring them to life! Not looking for anything fancy ( Or if you want but..) or...
  15. BeauJayWolffo47

    Character design

    Alright so.. this is my first time posting something like this but.. uhm I have a few characters I’d love to get drawn out for free.. I’m not gonna be picky Since it’s free I just want something I can atleast visualize it since I’m not a artist myself! Thanks to anyone who considers this!
  16. BeauJayWolffo47

    My first week as a furry

    I’d just like to say Thank you all for being so welcoming and friendly! And for my short time here so far being such a great experience! I hope to continue to get to know y’all!
  17. BeauJayWolffo47

    Trying to make some friends!

    So I for some reason got myself to this point but sorta nervous to actually add to any forums so Thought is start one ^_^ I just want fellow furs to get to know and what not *Sorry this is so lengthy*
  18. BeauJayWolffo47

    Hey New here.. and stuff

    So I have no clue how to word this but Ima just say I was skeptical of well.. of what I was I just.. don’t know. Being a furry is well didn’t feel like me cuz I guess I felt different? Anyways I wanna hope to find some like minded people to talk to. And maybe ask questions -Jaywolf