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  1. spoonful-of-jam

    Omg thank you :D

    Omg thank you :D
  2. spoonful-of-jam

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    Welp, you've been exposed now so there's no going back!
  3. spoonful-of-jam

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    Why, just cause one of them's yours? :P
  4. spoonful-of-jam

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    Really? It looks SO low quality to me, but maybe that's cause I'm the one who drew it so I've seen the original Photoshop file before I exported it to a jpeg, which is always gonna look better than an exported version. Maybe the solution is trying to figure out how to maximize image quality when...
  5. spoonful-of-jam

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    It seems to affect some images more than others. Like look at my most recent upload (Munching Megan's Muff), and look at how much blurrier and lower quality the uploaded image looks than the clearer version that you get when you click "download". Like is that normal?
  6. spoonful-of-jam

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome, and I'm using a Macbook Pro.
  7. spoonful-of-jam

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    Hey everyone! I'm really sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on maintaining image quality when uploading art to FA? Ever since I first joined the site last fall I've noticed that when I upload stuff, there's often a VERY noticeable drop in image quality...
  8. spoonful-of-jam

    Crazy Dragon - Art Thread

    I agree, these look great! You are phenomenal at facial expressions, your characters have so much personality. I'd love to follow you, although the link to your FA account on your profile seems to be broken and I don't have Tumblr >_<
  9. spoonful-of-jam

    Meet Harry

    He looks pretty stoned, lol. But he's still a cutie! I really, really love this color palette, especially the seafoam green. :)
  10. spoonful-of-jam

    [CLOSED] Sacrifice your Sonas [3/3]

    This is an awesome idea, thank you SO much for doing this! :) Is it okay if I use a character of mine that isn't my sona? Just cause I don't currently have a ref sheet for my sona, aside from a really old one that I now hate. If so, I'd love to "sacrifice" my character Brandy.
  11. spoonful-of-jam

    Greetings from a corporate mascot creator!

    What a fascinating job! I've never made a fursuit, but I've always wondered what the similarities and differences there are (if any) between making fursuits and making mascot costumes. I look forward to your Q & A!
  12. spoonful-of-jam

    Hello looking for friends and people to teach me more about the community

    Hello and welcome! :) I'm relatively new here, but could probably still answer questions you have about the community if you're looking to learn more. Feel free to shoot me a PM!
  13. spoonful-of-jam


    Hello and welcome back to the community! :) I also pretty recently came back after being active a long time ago and then leaving, although I left for different reasons than you. Best of luck with getting back into furry stuff and figuring out an aesthetic that works for you!
  14. spoonful-of-jam

    Hiring: (closed) Half Body Commission

    He's a total cutie and I'd be interested in drawing him! :) Here's a few examples of my recent work, feel free to shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  15. spoonful-of-jam

    Show me your art!

    I know there are a lot of Loona fans on here, so I just wanted to share my most recent artwork of her. :D
  16. spoonful-of-jam

    any hooved furs in this forum?

    Meeeeee! :)
  17. spoonful-of-jam

    Not too bad, how about yourself?

    Not too bad, how about yourself?
  18. spoonful-of-jam

    Hey :)

    Hey :)
  19. spoonful-of-jam

    Hello Everyone! :33 I don't know what I'm doing.

    Hey, welcome to the forums! :) I'm pretty new to FA as well so I'm not sure what pointers to give you, but I just wanted to say that your art is super cute so I watched you!