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  1. MagnusLucra

    What have you been having for breakfast lately?

    Opened face sandwich: Toast Vegannase Chopped pickle Spicy brown mustard Cilantro Green or red onion Sriracha
  2. MagnusLucra

    You walk into a cafe, what do you order?

    I roll a d6 in my head. 1. Cold brew coffee, iced 2. Nitro cold brew coffee, room temp 3. Americano, iced 4. Shot of espresso, hot 5. Matcha green tea, iced 6. Mocha, hot
  3. MagnusLucra

    what do you drive?

    Had several mini coopers, but I've sold out of the car game until cybertrucks come out :0 Doing the big save.
  4. MagnusLucra

    Things you have regretted purchasing

    Any razer gaming laptop.
  5. MagnusLucra

    Buried regrets!

    Selling my Bitcoin at $870 a piece in 2014...
  6. MagnusLucra

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    My mom's habit of trying to pass off all the stuff she regrets buying onto her minimalist son.
  7. MagnusLucra

    Let's assume you were to hit your noggin.

    Draw. I want to be able to draw anything. Or maybe give me back my imagination. That would be nice.
  8. MagnusLucra

    Are townhouses or condos nice?

    Before you buy a townhouse, be sure to check if there is a HOA, what their rules are, and how much it costs. Maintenance fees on condos can also sometimes be just as expensive as rent, which can be tough if you also have a mortgage.
  9. MagnusLucra

    Life updates: - Eating plant based now. - Changed careers, not doing business anymore. - Got...

    Life updates: - Eating plant based now. - Changed careers, not doing business anymore. - Got puppy. - Building house. - Lost 30 lbs, getting stonk.
  10. MagnusLucra

    Which Is best for Home Appliances?

    Braun MultiQuick Immersion Hand Blender with Food Processor, Whisk, Beater & Masher
  11. MagnusLucra

    Which Is best for Home Appliances?

    This is for baking.
  12. MagnusLucra

    Ironclaw TTRPG. (Not sure this is the right place. )

    Ironclad is rad, although it ends up being a bit unbalanced class wise. The books are hard to flip through for checking rules since there are full on graphic novels describing lore inserted in random spots. But overall I recommend giving it a shot if you've got a group. Just make sure to...
  13. MagnusLucra

    How many hours do you work per week?

    Use to work long hours and make the big bucks. Opted for a new career with less pay and less stress. Much happier now, and I learned more money does not equal happiness or success for me.
  14. MagnusLucra

    Anyone in the Washington Area?

    None of these. It's even worse, we're talking about Washington State.
  15. MagnusLucra

    Fringe benefits of the pandemic

    Well I hope they come your way soon. Seemed like a long shot for my area, but I guess I just got lucky.
  16. MagnusLucra

    My life as a teenage furry

    I was the EMPEROR OF CRINGE! Can you think of a cringy thing a teen might do? I probably did it. However I didn't give a shit, and I was always in a good mood, which would attract other "undesirable" people to me. Leadership is in my blood, so I organized many clubs around nerdy activities...
  17. MagnusLucra

    Anyone in the Washington Area?

    Spokane, bit far right now, but I'm considering moving to the other side of the mountains.
  18. MagnusLucra

    Fringe benefits of the pandemic

    1. Way less traffic congestion. 2. ALL restaurants are on uber eats or door dash now. 3. Remote work pays off in so many ways if you can get it. 4. Stock market did really well last year. 5. Rural internet solutions become more available. Although the longer term affects of the pandemic are...
  19. MagnusLucra

    Do you like TCGs? If so, tell me about it

    MTG has been a good investment. I only play EDH, but I love longer games with less consistency. Means you get a lot more mileage out of your deck, and sometimes you REALLY need to believe in the heart of the cards to pull whacky stuff off.
  20. MagnusLucra

    Fringe benefits of the pandemic

    I'm at that point too. Just don't know what to freelance in cuz I'm no artist xD