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  1. spoonful-of-jam

    FurAffinity and Image Quality

    Hey everyone! I'm really sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on maintaining image quality when uploading art to FA? Ever since I first joined the site last fall I've noticed that when I upload stuff, there's often a VERY noticeable drop in image quality...
  2. spoonful-of-jam

    CLOSED Show me your character and I'll draw you a headshot/portrait

    I'm in the mood to practice both anthro faces and traditional art! First 5 people to respond to this get a color pencil headshot (example of my color pencil work below)
  3. spoonful-of-jam

    Any other unicorns here?

    I've seen a fair amount of horse fursonas, but so far I have yet to find anyone else with a unicorn fursona! Honestly I thought they would be a bit more common with My Little Pony being so popular over the past several years!
  4. spoonful-of-jam

    New artist here! :)

    Hi everyone! I'm Jam, I'm from Canada and I'm pretty new to FA (I've had my account for a bit over a month and a half now), and I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm actually not completely new to the furry community, I used to draw furries but then I stopped - not necessarily due to a lack of...