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  1. MagnusLucra

    Considering Moving to a Small Town

    I've been living on the edge of big cities for the majority of my life and just dealing with a long commute. With 2020 being as disruptive as it was, my work has transitioned to be 100% remote. So I've been thinking of getting a piece of land, and moving out deep into the woods, and become more...
  2. MagnusLucra

    Plantigrade, Digitigrade, or Unguligrade?

    When thinking of an anthro, which is your favorite aesthetic? Plantigrade - Walking on flat feet. Digitigrade - Walking on toes. Unguligrade - Walking on nails, or hooves.
  3. MagnusLucra

    What does the furry community need?

    No really, I've been feeling like somethings are missing from this fandom, but I can't quite put my finger on it. So I want to pass the question onto my peers because I am genuinely curious. What are we missing?
  4. MagnusLucra

    New to the community!

    Hey! I've been a furry for a long while, but I've been reluctant to join the community due to professional and family reasons, however I'm willing to risk at least having a couple profiles and saying things publicly. I'm not an artist, but I am experienced with investing, budgeting, taxes, and...