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  1. DisconnectedYT

    Link Me Your Furry Discord Servers!

    As the title says i cant find any good furry Discord servers. If you know any can u pretty plz put the invite codes below and ill join!
  2. DisconnectedYT

    Lost All My Art Of Sona!

    As the title says I have lost all the art of my sona Disco :c I had all the art of him saved on my PC and unfortunately my mum left the oven on when we went out to the beach and it started a huge fire. I was able to save the paper drawings that I made and my laptop but all the art on my PC is...
  3. DisconnectedYT

    What You Fav Genre? [POLL]

    Pick What Your Favourite Genre! Personally I Like Future Bass >w<
  4. DisconnectedYT

    Could Anyone Help A Little Doggy Like Me :3

    Sorry to annoy everyone i just want to know if anyone would be able to for free art Disco? Owo. I made my own drawing (Profile Pic) but have wanted to make a better looking one. I dont have the money as im saving up for a Nvidia GTX1070 and my parents would never allow me to pay to get Disco...
  5. DisconnectedYT

    Just Another Person Asking For Free Commision :c

    Sorry to annoy everyone and i dont know if there is a rule or not about this but would anyone be able to for free commision Disco? Owo. I made my own drawining (Profile Pic) but have wanted to make a better looking one. I dont have the money as im saving up for a Nvidia GTX1070 and my parents...
  6. DisconnectedYT

    My Fursona! Thank You All!

    So after spending a month talking to other furries about how to make a sona and how to draw it ect. I finaally got around to making it! If it was not for u guys here on Fur Affinity then i wouldnt have been bothered to make it. Im so happy that i did though. Here is the final result. And also...
  7. DisconnectedYT

    How Many Australian Conventions?

    ^As it says above how many Australian conventions are there?
  8. DisconnectedYT

    RE-Favorite Animal! POLL

    Due to people getting pissed off at me -_- i am remaking my poll about your favorite animals. The options are going to be less direct here and will be groups not the exact animals!
  9. DisconnectedYT

    New Version Avalible Of This Thread

    ^Self Explanitory
  10. DisconnectedYT

    Help Making Fursona!

    Hi :D I've only been apart of the Furry Fandom for 1 year and haven't really done anything more than watch some YouTubers and really that's it. I think its time for me to make a fursona now. Dose anyone know where i should start? I like Leopards (and also wolfs but not as much). I also LOVE...