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  1. Parabellum3

    Ōkami: A Thousand Suns

    Hiya guys. I've started a new fanfiction in a distant future setting in the world of Okami. My story is currently a work in progress and shall be updated every 3 chapters or so. Also do expect for there to be artwork as well. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it and any feedback will be...
  2. Parabellum3

    An Ōkami based RP

    Hey guys, I've got a unique sort of RP that I have come up with. It is a sort of story based(1 x 1) RP that I have planned which is literate and semi-literate when conversing with characters in the story. I may even convert the RP into a fanfic depending on the outcome of it. So far the only...
  3. Parabellum3

    How many of you know Ōkami?

    I expect that you furry and canine lovers alike should be familiar with this amazing masterpiece. It has definitely inspired me to do lots of things, especially made me interested in Japanese culture as a whole. I really wish that Capcom made another game already before it fades away in memory...
  4. Parabellum3

    Slight vent

    I have been rather depressed, stressed, and angry lately. I fear that I will delve back into the mental state I had a couple years ago, which was very bad to say the least. However, thanks to a friend who came to visit recently, they have introduced me to cannabis. I initially tried it just for...
  5. Parabellum3

    Any Volunteers?

    Yesterday, I broke up with a really good friend of mine that I've known for awhile over a sensitive topic and (possibly) discrimination towards my disabilities. So, it had hit me quite hard so the only option I have as of now is to find a replacement in order to speed up my recovery and take my...
  6. Parabellum3

    A Bit Of A Pickle

    Post altered for privacy reasons.
  7. Parabellum3

    Just A Thought...

    Do you ever get irritated or even angry if you and your friend's plans get interfered, intervened, or ruined by your friend's significant other? Tbh that makes me quite angry.
  8. Parabellum3

    Your opinion on Therians/Otherkin

    Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to antagonize or criticize Therians/Otherkins or people who identify themselves anything but a human being. So I had a very interesting encounter with a supposed therian recently. I met this "person" on Amino about a week ago. I initially found them to be an...
  9. Parabellum3

    Hiring: Drunken Raven Commission (~$60) [CLOSED]

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a realistic commission with an approximate $60 budget or less that will only include a half body shot of my character. The scene is relatively simple and nothing too complex, I just would like for the piece to be highly detailed as possible. Be warned though that...
  10. Parabellum3

    Positive vs Negative Art

    When it comes to art there are four things that are important. Quality, skill, creativity, and content. So far I have noticed (on FA as an example) that people to tend to judge art more based on the content of it. For example, I have two pieces in my gallery. One in which my character is...
  11. Parabellum3

    Up for Shipping!

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about this for a bit and so I've decided that I would like Roland to be shipped with somebody else. I'm not entirely sure how the shipping system works but from what I understand is that basically two characters enter into some form of a "relationship." Mostly...
  12. Parabellum3

    Character Shipping?

    So I heard about this concept of shipping characters, essentially it's about partnering your character with somebody else's? Is that how it works? Correct if I'm wrong but if it is like that then who and how can you find somebody to allow that? It'd be nice for my character to be shipped to...
  13. Parabellum3

    What's this supposed to mean?

    So a week ago I asked two well known users on FA, who also know each other as well, to borrow their characters for future commissions. They agreed. But that was it after that, no further discussions. That is very strange to me since they don't even want to know what setting or theme their...
  14. Parabellum3

    This made me sick...

    I just saw this video today and I have concluded that this man simply makes everybody, including me, with autism look very bad.
  15. Parabellum3

    Gun or Motorcycle? (Bday Present)

    So my 21st birthday is on November 30th and I'm already scratching my head as to what to get. I've got two things in mind that I'd like to get. A gun and a motorcycle. Obviously I can't get both so it's either one or the other. My mother doesn't support both ideas and my dad is like "meh." So I...
  16. Parabellum3

    Hiring: (NSFW) Full Scene ($50-$70)

    Hey everyone. I would like two full bodies in an NSFW scene that will be either semi or fully realistic. More specific details will be discussed privately but the scene will involve my character and Jacki Northstar which I have permission to use. There maybe also two versions of the commision...
  17. Parabellum3

    A Big Question

    This is something that has been bothering me for a bit. Why is about 90% of FA all about sex and anything else related to sex? What is so special about it that makes it the dominant theme in art and literature? Are people this horny or what? Like it makes the fandom look bad and no wonder people...
  18. Parabellum3

    Becoming known on FA?

    Hey there. I'm in need of advice on how to get at least a bit known on FA. So far I've got only 11 submissions on my page. Not enough to work with I get that. However there is one thing that has been bothering me and that is my character. Just because he is an avian and isn't sexuality...
  19. Parabellum3

    What does your fursona sound like?

    Mine has a deep raspy voice like that of a 40-50 year old, even though he's only 25.
  20. Parabellum3

    Hiring: NSFW Murder Commision (~$50-60)

    Hey all, I'm currently seeking an artist who is comfortable with the content mentioned in the title. I'm looking for two half or full bodies with my character and some other generic character that is up to you to create. More details will follow when in a private chat. Here is a ref sheet for...