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  1. ShaneO)))


    Season 3 on june 28th people. God i love this fucking show. Sometimes its so awkward and embarrassing to watch, but Louie C.K. is a genius. Who else is excited?
  2. ShaneO)))

    Animals as leaders

    So this album is like insane. Its not all wanky either like steve vai or dream theater. The songs actually flow and make sense, not just a random string of riffs and solos. A taste. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkLZVs6D5os
  3. ShaneO)))

    My Band(Grand Schematic)

    I Would like some input on my band. We just started about 5 months ago and had our first show almost a month ago. It's hard to describe our music. We have like a thousand different influences and try not to stick to just one sound. Best way i could put it is a blend of progressive rock, post...
  4. ShaneO)))

    Band mate drama

    So I've been in band for about 8 months now with four of my good friends. We play a heavy fusion style incorporating Progressive rock, Psychedelic, classic, improv and electronic genres. Much like acts like the disco biscuits and Umphrees Mcgee. I play bass with a...
  5. ShaneO)))


    Any other disco biscuits fans out there. Somehow i doubt it. For those who don't know them, they are a "jam-tronica" band from philadelphia and put on one of the best shows ever. Heres some videos to give you a taste. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o84m50AjqM...
  6. ShaneO)))

    Mastodon-Crack The skye

    I have loved this band since the lifesblood ep. One of the first expirimental bands i liked in middle school. A time when i liked bands like mudvayne and Norma jean. They in many ways broke me out of my shell. Each release i've loved. Everyone had its own unique atmosphere. Yes it is true...
  7. ShaneO)))

    Hapi drum

    http://www.hapitones.com/ I want one. They are fucking expensive though. And probably a bitch to learn how to play.
  8. ShaneO)))

    Hey aden

    I think you might enjoy this. Zombi's new LP spirit animal. Two guys playing prog the way it should be played. http://www.Spirit-Animal.info
  9. ShaneO)))

    New song

    I just finished my next sequence. This one is more hip hop inspired although it does have some unce in it ;). Got some good vsts recently. Moog modular v, analog factory, prophet v and jupiter vsts. Some banger analog sounds, so warm. Still going for the retro 70's and 80's sci fi and...
  10. ShaneO)))


    After all this talk of how shitty electronic music is*rolls eyes*, I must present FA forums with the allmighty ZOMBI. A throwback to the days when Analog ruled the world. If your a fan of tangerine dream, goblin or any of the greats from the late 70's and early 80's ZOMBI is where its at. A few...
  11. ShaneO)))

    How to embed a video from youtube to FA?

    Someone please help. I've tried a bunch of shit and nothing is working. Any suggestions?
  12. ShaneO)))

    STS9 New Years run

    Anyone heading down to the Big Dirty for Sound Tribes new years jauntizzle? 4 nights of pure headieness.
  13. ShaneO)))

    Neo Folk

    I recently fell in love with this genre. Great artists in this genre are as follows Agalloch Tenhi Current 93 Mogwai A link for you's guy's http://youtube.com/watch?v=GuyWqvKr61M&feature=related http://youtube.com/watch?v=mN4AxskpSAE...
  14. ShaneO)))

    Anyone here a sigur ros fan?

    Such beautifal music. They are one of my favorite if not my favorite of the post rock bunch. They have so much heart and soul. The music is so pretty it almost hurts. Their new album comes out on june 23rd but you can stream the album off myspace. www.myspace.com/sigurros
  15. ShaneO)))

    Cult Of Luna-Eternal Kingdom

    I've been obsessing over this album for a few weeks now. It is quite a lisening experience. Yes cult of luna is lumped in with the whole isis/neurosis post-metal Genre. However COL brings their own sound to the table. Thier sound is quite diffrent from the rest of the crowd. The concept behind...
  16. ShaneO)))


    http://www.pilonidal.org/ Sounds like a whole lotta fun.
  17. ShaneO)))

    My new studio project

    Check it out. Ambient electronic xenomorph doom. There is only one actual song up(that still needs alot of mixing) and a short rought preview of a song. Don't be too harsh :( www.myspace.com/nostromo610
  18. ShaneO)))

    Progressive nation BOIII!

    Who's goin to the one at terminal 5 in NYC? Eh? EH?
  19. ShaneO)))

    New opeth songs surface.

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=D_OZfYx-aoM - The Lotus eater http://youtube.com/watch?v=nVRo8BRRbCI - Porcelain heart http://youtube.com/watch?v=zXi0QpbduGM - Heir Apperant(live at melloboat) Personally i think all of these songs are great. Opeth has progressed once again. Ofcorse there are...
  20. ShaneO)))

    A spectacular random purchase

    I recently went out on a limb to buy the kaada/patton live dvd. It was one of the only mike patton projects i haven't yet heard. I was pleasntly suprised when i got it. One of my favorite performances from patton. a link to a clip from the dvd http://youtube.com/watch?v=0-rljHfz1xo