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  1. JayTheGryphon

    Anyone headed to Furloween?

    Pretty easy drive for me, although my fursuit stuff is in NJ.
  2. JayTheGryphon

    Gryphon Head!

    So I have my first realistic partial coming along nicely. So excited to get it all together and off to its first con! The head is from Australia by Voodoo Delicious. The animatronic tail is from England by The Tail Company. And the wings are from Idaho by Wild Dream Creatures.
  3. JayTheGryphon

    The Hurricane Thread

    Also poll because reasons. Hope all of you fellow Florida Furs are bracing for impact. I won't be home in Vero Beach when it hits as the airline has me flying roundtrips from JFK to Richmond all week. Please don't flood, o' humble apartment. :(
  4. JayTheGryphon

    Reasons why I should NOT get a fursuit.

    I'm ready for a commission of a realistic Gryphon partial with head and arms/claws. Tail and wings will come later. So, why should I not go through with it? Is there a massive burden I don't know about to owning a suit or partial? Is it worth the grand? Thoughts/opinions?
  5. JayTheGryphon

    Furry Migration?

    Hoping to head to my first con this weekend and was wondering if anyone else is headed up there. Pretty excited!
  6. JayTheGryphon

    Hi, all!

    Never got properly introduced here so, might as well. I'm Tony. I enjoy flying regional jets and stealing dank memes.
  7. JayTheGryphon

    Any pilots? Cabin crew?

    Hi, all! New to the forum side of FA and wanted to know if there's any other flying folks on here. I'm currently flying a CRJ-200 with a Delta Connection airline.