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  1. Xitheon

    What is a true Asexual?

    I'm celibate by personal choice, and at 33 I'm still a virgin. I'm totally okay with this, but I *do* have sexual feelings. I can get "turned on" and I do masturbate occasionally. I just lack the desire to share the experience with anyone else. I'm happy to fly solo and I am puzzled by the...
  2. Xitheon

    Alfred Molina wins everything

    This man is my sugar daddy. Tentacle fetish? Maybe.
  3. Xitheon

    Wtf is the deal with Therians?

    I am awkward and weird and I often feel I relate more to certain animals than I do to humans. I'm pretty convinced that this is a symptom of mental illness and social isolation, but I have explored the possibility that I have the soul of an animal. I once delved into the idea that I was a snake...
  4. Xitheon

    I'm drunk on a Monday morning

    Where the fuck is my penis? My nuts. Ohhh cry havoc.
  5. Xitheon

    Is this real?

    sweet Jesus I'm drunk.
  6. Xitheon

    Post pictures of your pussy!

    This is Blue (his full name is Blueshift "What-Cat" Gunmetal-Grey.) His nickname is Bunny rabbit and he gives kisses.
  7. Xitheon


    Sorry, a bit of a vent. My current fursona is a rabbit ("Belgian hare" domestic rabbit) and I feel like I'm being shunned for saying that I like carrots, because in real life, carrots are too sugary for bunnies and can make them ill. Yes, I know. I've researched pet rabbits and I know this to...
  8. Xitheon


    I think I'm infatuated with another forum member. I should not say who they are but they are already in a relationship and they barely know me. I just want to be friends but I can't even PM them. Venting. I recently lost contact with my dearest friend and I am lonely and confused. I need people.
  9. Xitheon

    Should I get this dog

  10. Xitheon


    I've had it before and I'm in agony. I can't think straight because of the pain. I'm sweating and feverish and my stomach feels like it has been stabbed. I'm waiting for an emergency ambulance.
  11. Xitheon

    Belgian hare fursona

    Basically looking for anyone/someone to draw an anthro character based on my favourite rabbit breed (above.) She/he wears a cloak and top hat with steampunk goggles. She's transgender and prefers to be called Buck (birth name "Elizabeth" which she hates.) She/he has a limp in her left leg from...
  12. Xitheon

    I want to be a rabbit.

    I've been in this community for ages and I've had many attempts at making a fursona that I really feel connected to, that suits me. I've been a fox, a gecko, a snake, a rat, a ferret, a parrot... None of them felt right for me. But it is gradually dawning on me that I am a *huge* rabbit fan...
  13. Xitheon

    I swallowed some Listerine

    Am I going to die? I feel good so I don't mind. Fun fact: Listerine was once used as a floor cleaner. Edit:
  14. Xitheon


  15. Xitheon

    The Lion Guard

    I'm 32 years old and I watch this kiddy shit show but I have to admit that I enjoy it a bit. I love the new characters even though it effects the continuity of TLK canon (as if anyone should care.) I like the sympathetic, "good" hyena characters; in a way it is a childhood dream of mine...
  16. Xitheon

    Puppy Cyclops, anyone?

    www.thesun.co.uk: dog nicknamed Kevin after the Minions cartoon character is born in Thailand It's sad but cute. I'm posting here because it could be used to inspire a fursona.
  17. Xitheon

    Need advice (life stuff)

    I'm moving out into a new property after spending a year with my parents, having being evicted from my last house. I also have a small group of pets/companion animals and I'm not sure if it would be fair of me to take them away from my parent's house as the two birds I own have bonded with my...
  18. Xitheon

    How do you get a ferret out of your pants?

    It's fairly urgent.
  19. Xitheon

    Narwhal the puppy!

    www.bbc.com: Narwhal: Puppy with extra tail on his head rescued I wonder if he can wag it? Cutie.❤️❤️❤️
  20. Xitheon

    The man who wants to be a parrot.

    (I don't want to call out or shame this guy, I think he's cool. Crazy, but cool.) Is species dysphoria any different from being a regular furry? I'm asking the community. I'm coming to the conclusion that I don't fit in with furries as I find cartoony characters and fursuiters hard to relate...