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  1. JayTheGryphon

    What even goes on at conventions anyways

    Uhhh, no. Not true. Like most cons, it happens - behind closed doors
  2. JayTheGryphon

    What was a serious turning point in your life?

    That one time I made a U-Turn on Route 1 was a pretty major turning point in my life.
  3. JayTheGryphon


  4. JayTheGryphon

    Stereotyping drivers by car

    Squeaky 12 year olds who think they're the big kid because they get to wear a cute Civil Air Patrol uniform and marshall cars at airshows.
  5. JayTheGryphon

    Stereotyping drivers by car

    Airplane version of this because I'm extremely bored and these forums are so slow. Cessna 150/172 - Your average weekend flyer who gets his license and goes out on weekends. This is the guy who enters he pattern on a straight-in final and makes minimal radio calls while cutting everyone off...
  6. JayTheGryphon

    Trip Down Nostalga Lane: Games you played in Childhood

    Mercenaries Sky Odyssey Gran Turismo 3 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Simple times back then :cool:
  7. JayTheGryphon

    Need a room for MFF

    Nice, keep at it! Good time to be in the industry for sure :cool:
  8. JayTheGryphon

    Need a room for MFF

    Hahah you too! I'm with Endeavor Air out of JFK. Telegram is TonyAir, also.
  9. JayTheGryphon

    Need a room for MFF

    Called and they do indeed still have rooms there. Still looking to split rooms?
  10. JayTheGryphon

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    Anyone need someone to split a hotel room?
  11. JayTheGryphon

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    Got my work schedule for next month and it is perfect! I am totally going!! Hopefully all the flights to O'Hare aren't full. Might be hard flying with a fursuit head in a jumpseat :D
  12. JayTheGryphon

    BLFC 2016?

    I'll sure try!
  13. JayTheGryphon

    Who's going to Furpocalypse?

    Ugh, I'm starting work right as Furpocalypse starts. And I'm right up there too!
  14. JayTheGryphon

    Heading to Anthro Northeast on my own

    I'll drive up from NJ if I get off work. We need more cons in the Northeast!
  15. JayTheGryphon

    Anyone headed to Furloween?

    Pretty easy drive for me, although my fursuit stuff is in NJ.
  16. JayTheGryphon

    Open Chat

    Same :D Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots for all!
  17. JayTheGryphon

    Open Chat

    They loved the free food and coffee but the typical reaction is "Grr grumble grr I'm never flying this airline again. Humph. Worst flight ever!" which they then post on Twitter in an angry rage.
  18. JayTheGryphon

    Open Chat

    My story for the day: I had my first diversion. Not fun. My flight was from Richmond to JFK in the morning. Weather didn't show anything out of the ordinary in the New York area and it looked like a clear day. That was until we got to about somewhere above New Jersey where ATC announced fog...
  19. JayTheGryphon

    Hello Im New ^w^

    Welcome aboard!!
  20. JayTheGryphon

    Furry Virtual World, like Second Life, and Free

    Interesting. Will have to check it out in a bit. I've done SL for years now and it's showing it's age too much.