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  1. redhusky

    Forum Artist Offering Commissions Activity Check/Spotlight

    I notice a lot of artists having to bump their own commission threads in order to make sure that people know they are still active and it spams there own threads needlessly. So I was thinking, have some sort of way for artists to say that they are active without doing the former at a regular...
  2. redhusky

    Fun Facts

    Post Interesting facts that you find fun and will blow everyones' mind! Fun Fact: The person singing this song is a woman.
  3. redhusky

    Forum Status Notification Ticker

    One way I keep up to date on what's happening is the "New Posts" ticker on very front page of the forums. I'd like to see a separate section for when people post a status update on their forum profile feed. This would help facilitate interactions between users without having to potentially...
  4. redhusky

    Sketch Companion - Art Improvement Tool Support Thread

    I programmed a free art improvement tool geared towards the using the "grid" system. It works for 2d, isometric, and perspective drawing. For those wondering on a good way of studying art you like, the best advice we could give you is to copy it via a grid. And if you can pick up the book...
  5. redhusky

    Hello Again!~

    DA decided to destroy itself so I decided to make FA my main gallery again. It's a pleasure to meet you all once again! Userpage of redhusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Also what is your favorite fruit? Mine is strawberries!
  6. redhusky

    Free Drawing Grid Program

    I just recently programmed a "Drawing Grid" tool to aid with drawing since I couldn't find any already made. The "drawing grid" is a very important exercise tool for learning to draw and I encourage you all to make use of it if you seriously want to improve your skills. Instructions on how to...
  7. redhusky

    Tails Refuge Forums for RPing

    Tails Refuge This is another forum that I frequent that has an extensive section for RPing, both SFW and not, for those of you who are having trouble setting up and/or getting consistent RP partners. I don't RP myself but I think it'll be helpful to have more resources, yes? You will have...
  8. redhusky

    Mass Tag Submissions?

    It's a bad habit but I never really tagged my work and I wanted to start doing so, especially for my older work, is there any way to be able to add tags to multi submissions at once instead of one by one? Also, is there a way to have other users to help out in any way? Whenever I need to...
  9. redhusky

    FA Forums Night Theme?

    I don't have very good eyesight and the bright color scheme it tough on my eyes. Is there a way to set the color scheme to a "night" version?
  10. redhusky

    Hosting HTML5 Projects for FA

    I know that FA can let you upload single files that are flash but I like to program projects in HTML5 via Construct 2. Is there a way to host projects so that people can use them easily without having to DL and unpack them to their pc?
  11. redhusky

    I am looking for professional commisions

    I have my commission info here: http://flyingram.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Guide-339738723 And I have my galleries here if my style is something you are looking for. Userpage of redhusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net http://flyingram.deviantart.com/
  12. redhusky

    Redhusky's Art

    Hello lovely people! I decided to start sharing my work on the FA forums as well. It's a pleasure to meet you all and I sincerely hope you enjoy what I do. For starters, my most recent upload from today: "Yaris" www.furaffinity.net: Yaris by redhusky Don't be shy to stop and say hello!
  13. redhusky

    Monthly Art Contest

    Good day, I've recently agreed to do art consistently for the monthly contest for the forum community that I frequent called "Tails Refuge" in the hopes to get more active members. Each month will have members performing various things such as submitting photos or writing within a theme...
  14. redhusky

    MUNCH - Andriod App

    *EDIT* I updated the game based on user feedback and the Android version is now free to play Have a look at one of my game project when you get the chance and help support my future projects! TheFlyingNest - itch.io Android Version Munch - Temple Treasure Hunt - Android Apps on Google Play...
  15. redhusky

    Redhusky - Art Trades (2 Slots)

    Good day, I'm looking to do some art trades for practice and to network. If you are interested let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can. There are two slot available at the moment. I will only do one character per pic. Thank you. DA Gallery...
  16. redhusky

    Redhusky - Digital Comissions

    Good day, I am open to take several Digital commissions within the following terms. If you are interested please PM me at my FA or DA account. I recently open a Patreon account please consider supporting my work! LINK FA: Userpage of redhusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DA: FlyingRam on...
  17. redhusky

    Taking digital art commissions starting at $10

    Hello, I am currently taking commissions. I do both character refs and regular pics. All art is in digital format and the lowest priced service starts at $10. I have a full and detailed list of services and examples listed here: http://redhusky.deviantart.com/journal/39357942/ If you are...