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  1. Niru the Husky

    Need some help, finding a good middle/last name

    Hey! ^w^ First of all, I'm very bad at coming up names but I used up the whole day yesterday and came up with Niru It comes from Niobium (=snowy) Now, I like to have a middle or last name, because Niru is used pretty often. Here are some information you could use: Using Ceasium (=blue-gray or...
  2. Niru the Husky

    Have you ever done something weird, related to animals ?

    When I was younger, I tried dry dog food and it tasted kinda good xD ? My parent's said that is isn't healthy and then I stopped. Also food for guinea pigs which looks like some cereal ;D At a friends house, they have a giant dog and a large bag filled with oatmeal for their dog. Everytime we...
  3. Niru the Husky

    Does your fursuit exactly look like your fursona ?

    Question is above ^^ Or are some details missing ?
  4. Niru the Husky

    Tell me something about your daily routine

    Tell me something about your daily routine please OwO Is it completely different every day ? Is it complex or isn't it varied ? Is it boring or must you be mostly active ? What are you doing everyday ? Maybe write down some extra hobbies. Just anything what you would like to tell [English...
  5. Niru the Husky

    Don't know if a “real“ furry or not

    Am I a furry like others when I kinda like the idea of anthro animals I like the awesome community so far I don't have such “feelings“ about anthro animals like many people in this community I want to have a fursuit (I don't know why, I just love the idea) Also want to be more unique as others...